20 Best student guide in London

20 Best student guide in London

A guide to London for all occasions. For those who were not there or were, but do not know about the “local” institutions and those who are going to study in the capital of Great Britain.

Areas for walks and gatherings:

Chelsea. From Sloan Square along King’s road. A pleasant place for walking and shopping, not as many people as Oxford Street. The Sophie’s is Chelsea’s favorite place.

South Kensington. French area. There are the Natural History Museum and the Albert and Victoria Museum. I highly recommend Nuur Jahan for dinner and The Drayton’s Arms for a glass of wine. Upstairs is a real theater.

Knightsbridge. One of the most expensive places in London, next door to the park. Try the Harvey Nichols store bar.

Marylebone. Beautiful, bohemian area. Peyton & Byrne for food and Le Vieux Comptoir for coffee.

High street Kensington. The famous Kensington Gardens Park, stunning architecture, shops, and friendly pubs. Of course, Meggy Jones to have dinner, and in summer Kensington Roof Gardens!

Notting Hill and Holland Park – just take a word for it to be worth a visit. The Churchill’s Arms is a terrific pub. Everyone, when I didn’t bring them there, was delighted. Thai food is a win-win.


No. 1 London by bus. Be sure to take a ticket for any coach, climb up and sit in the front seat. This is an adventure in itself.

No. 2 Walk on the River Thames on a ship. During the tour, they talk about various buildings and historical buildings, for example, about the pirates’ favorite pub. The advantage of this walk is that it allows you to see London as the capital of the former maritime power. Also, it offers a breathtaking view of the Tower Bridge and other attractions.

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No. 3 Parliament Building (Westminster)

No. 4 Big Ben (Westminster)

No. 5 Westminster Abbey (Westminster)

№. 6 Buckenham Palace

No. 7 Tower Bridge

No. 8 Tower (a tour of the Tower takes place every 30 minutes)

No. 9 Cathedral of St. Peter and the City.

No. 10 Museums. Choose what you like best. Museums in London are free, and some exhibitions are paid.

Victoria and Albert Museum. Located next to the Natural History Museum. An excellent museum that gives an idea of ​​the culture of different countries. It hosts exciting exhibitions on fashion, style and so on. The show has furnishings; there is a section of medieval art. The museum is worth a visit to drink coffee in the courtyard.

The British Museum. The treasury of the loot of the British Empire.

Sherlock Holmes Museum. It gives an idea of ​​how English houses were ironed before.

Natural History Museum. It will be attractive to those who study natural science subjects. You can touch and read everything.

The National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. The main museum of fine art, there are paintings by Raphael, the Impressionists.

Tate Modern Gallery (contemporary art) and the Shakespeare Theater. There you can see how the performances took place during the time of the famous writer.

No. 11 Piccadilly. Fortnum and Mason. British Empire grocery store. By itself is a masterpiece. You can buy all kinds of delicacies and stylish gifts. There are a restaurant and a tea room. Nearby is the Waterstones bookstore, the largest in Europe, in case you need any books.

No. 12 Royal Albert Hall. In addition to the fact that this building is of historical value, various concerts are held there.

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No. 13 Richmond park. The favorite vacation spot of the British. Former hunting residence of kings. This is a vast park where deer walk. In the center, there is an amazing garden with rare trees—an ideal place for a picnic and long walks.

No. 14 Kew Gardens. Lovely botanical garden. Do not confuse with the Botanical Garden. There is nothing in common between them. In the pavilions, there are various plants from different countries. Butterflies fly. Once a year, there is an exhibit of orchids. This is something awesome! And be sure to go to the gallery of lilies. The amazing thing!

After that, you can stop by for tea and a snack in the English teahouse, opposite the entrance to the garden. Be sure to check out! Perfect pastries, and your mother will be delighted!

No. 15 Harrods at Knightsbridge. Shop and nothing more. But! You can look in terms of decor, opposite Paul’s Cafe on Knightsbridge, which has delicious French pastries.

No. 16 London Eye Ferris wheel. You can act as one of my friends: book tickets and a bottle of champagne in advance.

No. 17 Chinatown. The quarter with Chinese restaurants, Leicester Square – a monument to Charlie Chaplin. In the square, there is a cinema Odeon with a large screen. Also, there are theater box offices in the square that sell tickets at discounted prices on the day of the presentation. (If you want to go to the theater).

No. 18 English tea at the Ritz or Claireges hotel. You can drink tea in different places, but the Ritz is the best place. Near the hotel, there is a bus stop for excursions.

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No. 19 London by taxi. And be sure to take a cab. This pleasure is not cheap, but worth it!

No. 20 Borough Market. This is a real holiday for hedonists and gluttonous!