Traveling as a way to find yourself

Traveling as a way to find yourself

Have you ever wondered why Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love, has become a bestseller worldwide? Perhaps the answer is simple. It lies in the unconscious craving of most people for travel, a change of place, a knowledge of the world, and, ultimately, of himself.

About what travels mean in our lives, how to see the world and change your mind – read in our article

Lifelong road

In her autobiographical book, Elizabeth Gilbert described the story of a woman who abandoned her usual lifestyle to find her path, new experiences, her place in the world, and, finally, true love.

Psychologists say that travel is a great way to change yourself and your life. A person gains a sense of freedom by breaking free from everyday life and routine, familiar surroundings, and worries. Openness to new experiences, experiences, and emotions, in turn, has a beneficial effect on a person’s psychological and physical condition and “rejuvenates” his soul.

By the way, travels begin to influence a person even before it occurs. Thanks to the placebo effect, a person in the process of planning a trip and collecting suitcases feels a surge of energy, new ideas, and readiness for positive emotions and impressions.

Traveling helps a person to open up. That is why many people prefer to travel alone. Once away from friends and family, work, and household duties, a person, becomes himself. A sense of freedom and independence can open up creativity in any of us, new character traits and interests.

When traveling, our perception intensifies – we see, hear, and feel everything that we would not even notice at home. Thus, a person is filled with new knowledge and experience, as well as the impressions that will remain with him for life!

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Tourists vs. Travelers

Paul Bowles wrote these lines: “A tourist, as soon as he arrives somewhere, immediately begins to want to go back. And the traveler … He may not return … “

The writer was right. If you want trips to be not just a way to escape from work, but the most crucial component of your life, you need to be not a tourist but a traveler.

In their trips, tourists see monotonous airports, monotonous hotels, and restaurants and try to eat the same way at home. Real travelers strive for everything new and unknown. They visit the reserved “non-tourist” corners of the planet, avoid popularized hotels, communicate with the local population, and try authentic cuisine. It is the travelers who see the real world as it is, perceives it comprehensively, and allow it to transform itself.

Become a traveler and change yourself

If the example of Elizabeth inspired you from the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and other travelers seeking freedom and a new experience, remember – your life is in your hands.

For trips around the world to lead to personal growth, change you for the better, and give maximum impressive impressions and emotions, reconsider your attitude.

To become a real traveler:

Choose travel destinations that are different from your usual places
communicate as much as possible with the locals Avoid “hiking trails”, hotels and restaurants – find and rent apartments yourself, give preference to institutions with authentic cuisine and atmosphere travel alone to relax and feel like yourself reflect new experiences or experiences, for example, keep a diary or take photos as a keepsake let the emotions of the trip last as long as possible after it ends

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Once in a foreign country and an unfamiliar environment, try to dissolve in it as much as possible, become a part of the local society. Then new impressions and the people you meet will undoubtedly impact you, your development, and your interests!

Which trip is worth going to?

The most memorable beach holidays in the USA and intellectual tourism. However, this is not exactly the type of trip that will make you a tourist as a traveler.

Most travelers plan their trips on their own or join groups of like-minded people.

The most exciting, developing types of travel include adventure-free exotic trips, staying as a volunteer, independent research and tourist visits, trips abroad for training, and spiritualistic and exoteric trips, such as practicing yoga or meditation.

Such trips develop a person, give a lot of new experiences. In other words, it is essential not only where you are going, but also for what purpose you are going on a trip and what you expect from it.

The internal mood for positive emotions, broadening your horizons, communicating with interesting people, and personal transformation will make you a real traveler and a person with a unique life experience!