After The Storm Home Maintenance Tips, Every Homeowner Should Follow

After The Storm Home Maintenance Tips, Every Homeowner Should Follow

Heavy rainfall and storms can ruin the house badly. Fallen trees, accumulated rain gutters, and water accumulation can make things even worse. After the storm, house damage can be costly and renovation can take time. However, with proper planning and organization, you can get your house back in shape without denting your pocket and keeping you out of the house for long.

Every homeowner should know effective ways to cope with storm damage. Here is what you should do immediately after the storm settles. 

1. Remove The Debris

You might have a few fallen trees on your rooftop or in your yard. Make sure that you remove all the debris immediately. You can call for professional help or you can do the job yourself if you have the resources, especially manpower. 

Remove the obstacles so that it’s easier to get inside the house and carry out the restoration work. You should remove obstacles from all the entry points, from the rooftop, and any branch propping into the window. 

2. Remove Water Immediately

Once you have removed all the obstacles closing the entrance of the house, get inside the house carefully to check the damage. If there is standing water inside the house, you need to get it out immediately. 

Call for vacuum pumps and drills to get water out of the house. Make sure that you completely dry the inside of the house. Moist places can give a hotbed for molds. You should avoid mold growth at all costs. Molds can be a serious health hazard and moist basements can breed them easily. 

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3. Get Your Roof Inspected 

The roof of the house often gets damaged after the storm. Shingles may be broken, tiles may have worn off, rain gutters clogged, and water accumulated on the roof can all damage the structure of the building. 

Look for a free home roofing examination. A professional team will examine the rooftop and assess the damage. They will then let you know what can be done. You can see all your options and devise a plan to repair the rooftop. 

4. Unplug The Appliances

When you get inside the house, it would be wise to unplug all the appliances. Storms usually damage the lines and electricity is normally cut off. However, when the electricity is restored, high power can damage your appliances. 

Some appliances might not be able to handle the fluctuating electricity, which results in damage. Appliances are expensive. Therefore, make sure that you are keeping them safe. Once the electricity is back to normal, you can switch on the appliances one by one. 

Final Thoughts

Storm and other weather conditions can damage the house, sometimes very badly. If you can not afford heavy repairs, make sure you are proactive and know where and how to start the restoration process. Roof repair, keeping the inside of the house dry, and paying attention to the electricity fluctuation can protect you from bigger expenses.

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