All About The Popular Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

All About The Popular Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

Seiko became one of the most popular watch brands in the world largely because of their dive watches. They are pioneers of dive watch creation that evolved from that origin into a popular base for watch modding. Watch modders fell in love with the modified build of the Seiko Yachtmaster.

The Seiko Yachtmaster mod build is inspired by a well-known watch design, making it an ideal go-to build for watch modding beginners. Its main inspiration came from Rolex’s Yacht Master, a luxury watch designed for luxury seacraft owners. Today, modders can wear their version of that luxury watch through their hobby by modifying suitable Seiko watches.

If you are interested in building a custom timepiece of your own, this build is the best starting point. Find out more about the Seiko Yachtmaster in this blog.

The base of the Seiko Yachtmaster: Seiko SKX007

Every longtime watch modder knows that Seiko is one of, if not the best, brand to find base watches for customization. Their designs are one of the most suitable for modding, which got so popular that their parts were sold in stores specifically for modding. To create the Seiko Yachtmaster Mod, you have to use the Seiko SKX007.

The SKX007 is one of the highly-regarded timepieces produced by Seiko. It has a storied reputation of high reliability as a dive watch. It also possesses a timeless look and is affordable, making it popular for people who need a watch that can work for years.

Because of those qualities and modding, it became a collector’s item Seiko discontinued it. Today, the SKX007 lives on through the different Yachtmaster mod builds. The Yachtmaster mod builds now serve as an alternative for those who want a luxury watch but can’t afford one and as a way to wear an SKX-style timepiece.

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The Seiko Yachtmaster variants

You can distinguish Seiko Yachtmaster mods by the bezel inserts. You can switch bezel inserts depending on the build you’re going for, choosing from different colors. Also, this mod build is bigger and therefore showier than other similar-looking ones because of this nature, which came from its inspiration.

While it’s universally loved for its ease of building that appeals to beginners, the Seiko Yachtmaster mod isn’t one that anyone can wear. It’s a design that will stand out in a crowded space because of its size and the fact that it takes from Rolex’s Yacht Master.

Here are its different color variants:

Black Yachtmaster

Out of all the builds for this mod, this is by far the most popular. That’s because it’s the most low-profile of all the bezel inserts you can use for the mod build. It looks effortlessly cool, and black goes well with most colors.

Two-toned Yachtmaster

Two-tone Yachtmaster mods use two different metallic tones, accentuating the gold one. The popular combinations are silver and gold and black and gold.

Silver Yachtmaster

This build is an understated and classy choice. If you prefer to wear something sophisticated yet subtle, this build showcases those qualities.

Gold Yachtmaster

This is the boldest of all the builds for the Yachtmaster mod. Paired with the right wearer, it will shine above any jewelry in a place.

Wrap up

Modifying watches is an affordable way to wear a stylish watch. For example, you can up your wrist game without breaking the bank with a Seiko Yachtmaster mod. And although it will take more time than purchasing a new watch, it will be all worth it when it’s executed well.

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