Top 6 Ways To Curb Menstrual Cramps

Top 6 Ways To Curb Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be worse. To some women, menstrual cramps hit right at the lower abdominal part, while some witness menstrual cramps in the lower legs or undergo severe back pain. Menstrual cramps remain for initial two or three days after which it vanishes automatically. However, some women do not witness menstrual pain at all. If you are feeling unbearable menstrual cramp pain, it’s better to see a doctor. 

Today, in this blog, we will be sharing some remedies that you can easily follow at home. This might help. Scroll on to read.

Top 6 Remedies to cure menstrual pain!

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps. It helps you get rid of the pain caused by the bowel movement and hence stops the menstrual pain from going worse. Along with that, drinking plenty of water during periods helps you get rid of bloating which might cause you extra pain and hence gives you a completely comforting life. 

2. Include herbal teas after meals

Herbal teas ensure quick digestion. This is because it contains elements such as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which help you heal. There are many herbal teas, among which you can choose your preferences. Teas such as chamomile, green tea, ginger tea are known to be the most effective teas during periods. Along with that, it helps you with some other benefits too. Periods might cause you stress. Why? Because of several reasons like work-related stress, mood swings, and so on. These herbal teas put a count on these issues and help you lead a healthy and happy life.

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3. Control your cravings

During menstruation, you tend to have a lot of cravings in the form of chocolates, waffles, and other things. These foods contain fibers which can be the main culprits of bloating. Hence, try to avoid this food during your periods and prefer to eat healthy foods such as unsalted nuts. This would be beneficial for you and help you remain healthy during this period.

4. Say No to Caffeine

Make yourself decaffeinated during periods. Why? Because caffeine causes narrowed blood vessels. This can lead to cramps and hence it’s better to avoid caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks, coffee during this phase.

However, if you just can’t live without caffeine, it’s better to consume it with a snack and take a walk for around 20-30 minutes thereafter to reduce its effect on the body.

5. Perform yoga or exercises

Yoga helps you release your stress and makes you feel happy and rejuvenated. This is because it helps to wide open your muscles and at the same time gives them room for relaxation. Thus, all you need is a yoga or an exercise session for around 30 minutes daily to help you relieve menstrual cramps.

6. Massage therapy works

Massage must be your preventive healthcare. Why? Because it reduces menstrual cramps in you and releases stress and tension if any. Not just during periods, but during regular life too, you can make a habit of undergoing a body massage daily. This leads you to a happy lifestyle.


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