Buying the best backlit mechanical gaming keyboards

Buying the best backlit mechanical gaming keyboards

Response time

The response time is the time taken by a mechanical switch to respond to a keystroke. The faster the keyboard’s response time, the smoother the movement of your keys. You will have an easier time playing games since it does not feel like your finger is pressed down hard on every keystroke. It offers better tactile feedback, and therefore, you will have a better gaming experience.

Type Backlighting

If you plan to buy the best backlit mechanical gaming keyboards, you should consider a keyboard with different brightness levels. Change the brightness level depending on where you are playing your game or whether it is day or night. The most common types of backlighting you can consider include:

Full RGB Backlighting: Full RGB lighting will provide a brighter, more natural glow from your keyboard’s lights, which will appear more accessible in dark areas. Some models come with preset color modes for gaming or other applications.

Multi-Color Backlighting: Some keyboards will have separate keys with a single color. The few extra keys can be used to display multiple colors that show off the overall personality of your keyboard.

Percentage Key Location: All the keys are lit in an unbroken line, but the percentage of each key’s illumination will vary to provide a more pronounced effect. It is also considered an aesthetic benefit for many backlit keyboards.

Key-by-Key Backlighting: Instead of lighting all keys at once, some gaming models leave out certain keys and only light up those that are being used instead. That function will conserve key lighting and help you see the keys you need without looking down constantly.

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Extra buttons

Extra buttons come in handy, especially if you often play games that require quick actions and actions that require simultaneous button pressing inputs. The best gaming keywords are the ones that have extra buttons to click down in quick succession. You should make sure that there is a dedicated button for the internet browser to easily browse online and see what sites are active and what new updates are available.

Non-sliding wrist rest

Having a non-sliding wrist rest is also beneficial to ensure that your wrists feel comfortable while gaming. Gaming is all about sitting down, whether you play at home or school, and if you wish to relax your wrists when playing games, you should consider getting a mechanical keyboard with non-sliding wrist rests. This ergonomic feature allows you to feel at ease while using your keyboard.

Durable switches

If you are a person who likes the clicky sound of keys, then you should consider looking for a mechanical keyboard that has durable switches. A mechanical keyboard made with durable switches can last up to 50 million keystrokes which are more than enough for the average user. That means that you will be able to use your keyboard for years together without needing any replacements.

For gamers who wish to enjoy gaming, a keyboard with backlit keys can provide quick and easy access to functions like night vision in dark rooms and macros for rapid-fire gameplay. In reality, there are many variants available in the market for the best gaming keyboards. Therefore, you should keep in mind some of the things discussed above when looking for one.

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