Every enthusiast of poker will find a lot to like. Cash games, tournaments, sit and gos, and a variety of other games are available. These range from the five-card draw to Texas Hold’em and many variants in between.

Strip poker is another option.

The game of strip poker has entered popular culture, and you’ve probably heard or seen references to it in films and television programmes.

Maybe you had considered setting up a game of strip poker because you thought it would be entertaining, but you were unsure of how.

The goal of the game is to unwind, have a good time, and spend time with your pals.

Contrary to other, more serious varieties, strip poker has less rules and tactics to follow, but you still need to be aware of them in order to host a fun night of strip poker.

How Does Strip Poker Work?

Finding the right variety for your strip poker game night is one of the first challenges you’ll face. I would advise you not to overthink things.

Really, any format will do, but you should choose the one with the fewest betting streets and, if possible, modify the regulations to make things more easier.

Surprise! In strip poker, the focus is on stripping, not “outplaying” your rivals. For this one, you may leave your bluffing face at home. Once you’re down to only your underwear, you won’t need it for anything other than to cover up your pain.

The fundamental objective of strip poker is to strip your opponents while keeping as much of your own clothing on.

That would be the GTO strategy for the game, but not everyone views nudity the same way.

While someone may begin to fear as soon as their shirt is taken off their back, you could be entirely at ease in your birthday suit.

Therefore, the key objective is to maintain a fun environment for everybody. If you organise your strip poker night properly, there are no losers in this game.

The Rules of Strip Poker

Unsurprisingly, setting up a strip poker game will provide more difficulties than it does poker-related problems.

Finding a group of like-minded people who are game for playing cards at the table while becoming nude is the first step.

While it just takes two to get things started, four to six participants would be perfect for a strip poker night.

This number of individuals allows for a lively mood to be created without making anybody feel uncomfortable about taking off their clothes in front of everyone.

Regarding logistics, you’ll require:

  • a common playing card deck
  • Chips (optional) (optional)
  • Drinks (optional but encouraged) (optional but recommended)

The good news is that learning how to play strip poker is far easier than organising a real tournament or a cash game night.

You won’t encounter any major logistical issues as long as the participants arrive in a positive attitude and are prepared to have fun.

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Rule of Strip Poker

There is no established definition of what constitutes strip poker or how it is to be played. Although you, as the organiser, are allowed to arrange things as you choose, there are certain rules you should go by to ensure that everyone who attends has a good time.

How do you plan to handle the striping?

You must first determine whether you plan to play using chips. Although it may go either way, employing closures rather than chips can make the game go considerably more smoothly, which is crucial for enjoyment.

Clothing items are often used as chips in a game of strip poker.

Therefore, you should specify how much a piece of clothing or an accessory is worth.

For instance, a ring or watch may cost one unit, a pair of shoes two units, and 10 units of undergarments. Your following thing should be more valued as you get more exposure.

Any game type’s official regulations may be completely followed by the strip poker rules you create. You might utilise clothing as an ante for each hand while playing for chips.

However, I’d advise making things simpler so that you don’t restrict your audience to poker enthusiasts alone. Everyone can have fun at a strip poker night, but if the rules are overly rigid, those who don’t like poker may not have as much fun.

What qualifies as clothing?

You must specify what qualifies as a piece of apparel.

Will jewellery and watches, for instance, be considered?

It doesn’t matter which way you go; but, if you’ve never done it before, you should definitely offer them a little more leeway.

How to achieve fairness

It is also crucial that everyone arrives dressed in about the same amount of clothing.

You don’t want someone to attempt to “cheat the system” by showing up to your game with 10 rings on their fingers and five more on their toes.

You must develop the real game rules when you have these things figured out. Although I’ll also provide some instances of other game variants, the primary objective is to make strip poker night enjoyable.

Different Strip Poker Game Formats

No matter whatever variation you play, strip poker may be a lot of fun, but certain forms work considerably better than others.

You shouldn’t choose Razz or Badugi. When you start discussing how the greatest poker hand is decided in these games, even some of your poker-playing pals may not understand what the heck you’re talking about.

Instead, stick to the basic variations with a few betting streets, and maybe even make it even simpler.

Draw five cards

For a strip poker game, five card draw is perhaps the finest option. They won’t have any trouble keeping up as long as they are aware of the greatest and worst poker hands.

Everyone antes up at the beginning of the hand, i.e., they vocally declare the piece of clothes they are risking. Five cards are then handed to each player. They are permitted to trade up to five cards from their hand once in an effort to improve their hand. (Read more about the guidelines for the 5-card draw here)

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After everyone has finished, the hands are tabled, and the winner is the person with the best hand, you have a few possibilities for choosing who will be stripped.

  • While everyone else is required to take off the thing they staked at the start of the hand, the winner is exempt from doing so.
  • To make the game continue longer, you might also determine that only the player with the poorest hand takes a piece of closure; in most circumstances, this is a smart option.
  • Alternatively, you may elect to allow the winner of the hand determine who must take down a piece of closure, which can definitely add more excitement to the situation.
  • Even someone who has never played poker before may quickly pick it up since it’s entertaining and easy to understand.

You may add bonuses for exceptionally powerful hands like whole houses or better to the game if you want to spice it up a little.

For instance, a player gets to put one piece of clothes back on if they win with a full house or quads. Your game of strip poker may become more strategic and continue longer as a result.

Hold’em Texas

Hold’em is the most widely played poker variation, and although practically everyone can play it, it’s not the ideal choice for a strip poker night. You can still make it work, however!

Deal the two cards to each player, then deal the flop, turn, and river. Perhaps you could enable an additional betting round on the river to allow any player to up the stakes if you want to stir things up.

This would include some bluffing components, which may be fantastic for the game, but keep it simple.

The most important thing is to play as many games of strip poker as you can without spending any time.

If you want everyone to be relaxed and have fun, it might be counterproductive to have someone sit almost undressed while another person decides whether to put their socks on the line for 10 minutes.

You may also set the timer to prevent it and give players extra time to decide, such as 30 seconds, to liven up your strip poker night.

Advice for a Fantastic Strip Poker Night

A significant aspect of the challenge is selecting the appropriate set of strip poker rules and organising the audience.

To prevent your game from disintegrating before it even begins, keep in mind that not everyone may completely comprehend what they’re getting into.

  • Talk to everyone in advance. Even while it would seem like a good idea to simply show up with a deck of cards and attempt to start a game of strippoker at random, it can make some of your friends feel awkward. You don’t want to pressure them into doing something they don’t want to do or make them do it against their will. No one will like it.
  • Just invite those you know somewhat well. It will contribute to fostering a laid-back and dependable environment. Others can feel uneasy if there is a relative stranger there. Additionally, a stranger is more likely to start acting badly and spoil everything for everyone.
  • Create a cosy environment. At least initially, not everyone will be all that excited about taking off their clothes. It will be quite beneficial to set up dark lighting, cosy seats, cushions, and another relaxing décor. People will also be going nude, so make sure the temperature is comfortable and that there are some robes on available in case anybody gets cold.
  • Be fun and light-hearted. This must be emphasised. Making your visitors feel at home is your responsibility as a host. Verify that everyone is acting properly and that no offensive or improper remarks are being made. A great aspect of a strip poker night is the friendly banter and teasing, but there still have to be certain boundaries.
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Playing Strip Poker: Dos and Don’ts

You should now understand how to play strip poker and have an enjoyable evening with your companions.

As you can see, as long as you have a group of individuals wanting to try something new, it’s really not that difficult.

In order to be sure you’ve done everything correctly, here are a few dos and don’ts you may review before your visitors come.


  • Create all the regulations and have everything ready (cards, chips, whatever else you need)
  • Ask your pals whether they are interested in the concept beforehand.
  • Use muted lights to create a nice and comfortable environment.
  • Set a fun atmosphere with enjoyable music and refreshments for anybody who needs or wants them.


  • No one should be forced to participate; if they don’t feel comfortable, then let it go.
  • Do not invite thugs or strangers as they will ruin the event for everyone.
  • Allow the conversation to get out of hand and descend into insults; be vigilant and safeguard your game.
  • There you have it, then. If you use these straightforward suggestions and tactics, you’ll be able to organise a fantastic strip poker event that everyone will probably love.

Try visiting a training site if you want to study poker strategy or enhance your skills in advance of your night, but keep in mind that having fun is the most crucial aspect of this.

Naturally, don’t have high expectations for the first game since it could take some time for players to get into it. Don’t be shocked, however, if your buddies start messaging you about the next strip poker game once things get going.

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