Controlled Drugs and the Uncontrolled Streets

Controlled Drugs and the Uncontrolled Streets

The control of Pressed Xanax has become a major health challenge globally.  Xanax (alprazolam) is a brand of benzodiazepine that works by enhancing the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Xanax is used to treat anxiety disorders and anxiety caused by depression. Xanax is also used to treat panic disorders with or without a fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment (agoraphobia).

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It is dangerous to purchase Xanax on the Internet or outside the United States. The sale and distribution of medicines outside the U.S. does not comply with safe-use regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These medications may contain dangerous ingredients, or may not be distributed by a licensed pharmacy.

The Drug Enforcement Administration made a huge bust in Mexico, seizing 600,000 counterfeit pharmaceutical pills. They’re made to look like real prescription drugs of various types, and they would have been sold as anything from Adderall to Percocet to Xanax, but they actually included fentanyl, which is up to 50 times more powerful than heroin. The DEA worries that traffickers who are trying to fool casual drug users into buying “prescription” drugs are going to wind up killing them.

Xanax is a federal controlled substance (C-IV) because it can be abused or lead to dependence. Keep this medicine in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse. Selling or giving away Xanax may harm others, and is against the law. Tell your healthcare provider if you have abused or been dependent on alcohol, prescription medicines or street drugs.

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Pressed Xanax most times contain no active ingredient, the wrong active ingredient or the wrong amount of the correct active ingredient according to WHO. They are also found to commonly contain Fentanyl a powerful opioid 100 times more potent than morphine. Supplied by Mexican drug cartels, or coming directly from China, these pills look identical to legitimate medications such as Xanax or other medications often prescribed for pain or anxiety. Based on a sampling of tablets seized nationwide in 2019, DEA found that 27 percent contained potentially lethal doses of fentanyl. Fake pressed xanax bars are often produced in very poor and unhygienic conditions by unqualified personnel, and contain unknown impurities and are sometimes contaminated with bacteria.

Substandard and falsified medical products are by their very nature difficult to detect. They are often designed to appear identical to the genuine product and may not cause an obvious adverse reaction, however they often will fail to properly treat the disease or condition for which they were intended, and can lead to serious health consequences including death.

If a user wishes to stop taking Xanax after dependence on the drug has formed, it is not recommended to quit “cold turkey” or without medical supervision. The symptoms of Xanax withdrawal are similar to those of alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal, and the severity of the symptoms can vary. If convulsions occur, withdrawal from Xanax can be deadly.

Normally, the withdrawal process involves slowly reducing the dosage of Xanax and eventually switching the user to a long-acting form of the drug for a period of time. The gradual taper of this drug helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms.  Medical detox and a treatment program can give someone addicted to Xanax their best chance at achieving sobriety. Talk with a treatment provider today for help finding a Xanax addiction treatment program.