Polish Products, Gratka and Dr. Witt Juices

Polish Products, Gratka and Dr. Witt Juices

The cuisine of the older generation, who were also born in Poland, consisted mostly of home cooking and buffet dishes created out of necessity due to the economic situation of the period. Traditional culinary habits have been replaced by tastes driven by nutritional knowledge and calorie calculation. In Poland, products such as spices, parmesan and olive oil have been erased from kitchens. Cabbage, root vegetables, parsley and dill began to be  more sold in markets and greengrocers. Traces of other cultures that Poland was influenced by due to its geographical location can also be seen in its cuisine. In Polish cuisine, which includes German, Jewish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Russian influences, and even lives up to the distinguished heritage of Renaissance palaces, you can also find flavors very close to Turkish taste. Let’s talk about polish products.

If you like to try different tastes, or if there are such people around you, Kabanos is a great gift you can get from Poland! If you ask what Kabanos is, we can briefly call it dried and smoked meat. There are two varieties: veal and pork. It goes very well with the beer, from us to say. Another product is Oscypek cheese. Cheese is definitely a very separate and delicious culture, we recommend you try it even if you don’t like it because the taste will really surprise you. Oscypek cheese is made from the milk of sheep grown in the Zakopane mountains. When you taste it without cooking, you might think it tastes like dried meat. It softens when cooked and is great with all kinds of jam. And before I forget, let’s talk about gingerbread. Gingerbread is a cheap and delicious gift you can buy from Poland. The original ones contain little sugar and plenty of ginger. Besides this, there are orange, apricot, cherry, plum and chocolate flavored varieties. Let’s add that you can bake your own gingerbred cookies at the Gingerbred Museum. Besides these, there is a famous place in the country that sells ready-made products from the name of Gratka.

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As we just said, Gratka is a brand that sells ready-made products in Poland. In this brand, there are many different ready-made meat products, including pork, beef and veal. Normally many people are biased towards canning products. But your ideas can change thanks to the gratka brand’s canned goods. You can consume these products every meal you want. You should definitely try these ready-made preserves prepared with the highest quality meats. It will not be possible to give up this perfect taste.

And now let’s talk about Dr Witt juices. If you have a healthy life, these juices are for you. Dr. Witt, we can say that the benefits of juices do not end in counting. Let’s talk about some of the benefits. It helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to the vitamin B6 in it, it helps the immune system function properly. Pantothenic acid helps maintain proper energy metabolism. Many more can be added to these benefits. For a healthy life, we definitely recommend using Dr Witt juices.