Digital Menu Boards For Takeaways and Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards For Takeaways and Restaurants

Everyday, Digital Menu Boards are getting more popular for restaurants and takeaway shops. 

With Metaverse people will meet more virtual environments and that everything in this environment will be effect our real-life to move digital. This fact will also affect restaurants and takeaway shops and they will engage with the digital menu boards.

Digital menu boards are easy to manage for restaurant and takeaway owners. They can control their menus very easily and make price changes, add animation videos, promotions, add new products or remove the products from the Screen Moove digital signage cloud cms website.

Digital menu systems can be integrated with the EPOS systems, can be used with self-order kiosk systems and it takes your restaurant to another level.

It is compatible with every restaurant, every takeaway shop, and you can use it by mounting it on the wall, ceiling, or floor. In addition, thanks to Screen Moove Digital Signage cloud central management system, if you have more than one restaurant “franchising”, you can update the prices in all branches at the same time with a single click on digital signage software.

So What are the benefits of the Digital Menu?

Personalized Content

You can customize any content at any time and update your menus whether morning menu, afternoon or evening menus.

Easy Management

Plug-and-play installation and an intuitive CMS make managing your digital signage quick and easy, whether it’s displayed on one screen or thousands.

Advanced access controls for unlimited users allow for anyone on your team to easily edit and share your content.

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Automatic Updates

Thanks to Android Commercial Displays, That helps to automatically update if there is any new software update needed on your digital screen.

Social Media Integration

Create modern and engaging display experiences for your customers by integrating with the tools and networks they use the most. Feature live media walls from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Content is automatically filtered.

Digital Menu Boards are available from 32″, 43″, 50″, 55″, and 65inch by Network Android Displays Included Digital Signage Software.

Are you looking a digital menu boards for your takeaway or restaurant ? We provide Digital Menu Boards included Digital Menu Display, Menu Design, Installation, Technical Support. All you need in one company available today, meet with ScreenMoove and start your order. 

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