Itinerary for Road trip in Montenegro

Itinerary for Road trip in Montenegro

One of my all-time favorite experiences was road traveling across Montenegro. The magnificent coast as well as the iconic harbor of Kotor may be making their route into the limelight on the international tourism stage, and there is still lots to explore.

If you are planning a road trip in Montenegro, I think that this review of my Montenegro road trip itinerary will assist you in planning an extremely memorable vacation through this unique region. 

The Essentials: Map, What to Know, and What to Ask

Get a Car

I cannot emphasize how important it is to rent a car in Montenegro. Trips and public transportation are available, but the pleasure of self-driving, in my opinion, is being able to stop whenever anything takes your mind off of things, which is a common thing here.

On the road trip in Montenegro, because of the steep terrain, exploration was made much simple. One-way taxes and coverage could be expensive while traveling the Balkans, so try to have a car in Montenegro.

Is it secure?

Some individuals have the misguided impression that the Balkans are Europe’s untamed west which is far from the fact. It was perhaps one of the safest locations I’d ever been, and the welcome and friendliness never wavered.

How to get there

You can use your rented car or bus to reach there. Flying is feasible between Podgorica and Tivat, where the state’s main airlines as well as other carriers serve two terminals on different ends of the country. Ships and day tours are common here, but I recommend staying longer and exploring the area thoroughly. 

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If you don’t have access to a vehicle… Day trips to destinations like Durmitor Park remain feasible, and mass transit makes going along the shore and to the major landmarks easy. Montenegro is much more established than most people seem to think, and cabs are not prohibitively expensive.

Let’s talk about money for a moment

Despite not being an actual member of the EU, Montenegro accepts the Euro, contrary to most of its neighbors. This drives up costs, and in Budva, drinks could be as expensive as those in most big western capitals, but a great in-land lunch could be only a few dollars and a lovely timber cottage can cost $25 for 3 persons in the summertime.


Montenegrin seems to be the main language that is extremely similar to Croatian/Serbian. Throughout the shore along with much of the countryside, English is commonly used. Before you come, as always, acquire some phrases memorized.

The coastline and the Bay of Kotor

On your road trip in Montenegro, when you have your car at Herceg Novi and pass the North line, the coast of Kotor would be your initial significant destination. This lovely stretch of water is home to little villages, secluded beaches, and Kotor’s ship terminal.

The Ancient City of Kotor is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in the region. The cobblestone lane, which is lined with thousands of cats that also have their entire monument, is a great place to pass a few hours or more, and the scenery from the top of the mountain is spectacular.

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Tivat has a deluxe port further along the bay, and while there isn’t much here, it’s a great area for a coffee break and people nearby.  Budva is reached by following the coastline road. Budva’s town center features a few bays including several stores and bars that make the small streets feel crowded. By night, everybody dresses up and creates an amazing environment in both the ancient and modern city.

Top Hill is a beautiful location at the top of the mountain, and if you’re there for a major gathering, it’s the perfect place to get rolling till the mornings.

Tiny coves, relatively deserted beachfront, sand-based gatherings, and small chapels on cliffs to which you may take watercraft are all found along Montenegro’s coast. Visiting continuously is to be expected!

The magical North

I’d like to mention 2 things. On my road trip in Montenegro, Durmitor Nature Reserve and the Piva River attracted me the most. When you leave the shore, the highlands rise, and the highways ascend, descend, and go by some of the most gorgeous water bodies you can think of. You’ll stop frequently, wandering upon small communities to wonder at, eat, and then get a glimpse of the local culture.

The Piva River & Tara River canyons provide chances for rafting, kayaking, and just taking in the scenery. This is something you won’t forget in Montenegro, as it stretches into Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The capital as well as the south

Podgorica is a fascinating small town. It’s practically impossible to notice it at first sight. I can’t say it wowed me with its worn and deserted railway lines and bizarre assortment of malls, but it did draw us in after two days with some mysterious allure.

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The nature reserve of Lake Skadar as well as the little towns that surround it are just a 30-minute journey from the city and a must-see. From multicolored sailboats to an all-green circular flexural panorama, spending at least just a few days and then jumping off to explore or perhaps take a boat trip is just one of the nicest afternoons of wildlife you ever had.

Final thoughts

A road journey across Montenegro will take your breath away, whether you’re wondering at the little lush beaches in Slansko Jezero or stopping to be awed by a monastery constructed into these spectacular granite rocks. You can rent a car while on a road trip in Montenegro is a great option to consider if you want to enjoy your journey.