Do I have to buy a 125cc dirt bike?

Do I have to buy a 125cc dirt bike?

The most common question I hear when people become interested in dirt bikes is, “Which dirt bike should I buy?” This is a very good question, but the answers can vary greatly. The decision doesn’t necessarily come down to your age, although you really don’t want a 6-year-old stuck on a big 450cc motorcycle. These are the main determinants of which bike you will buy.

Two or four-strokes?

The first question I asked was, “Do you want two or four strokes?” This is important for some people because they may be adults on one side or the other and just want to have a specific stroke.

Grow old

Like I said before, age doesn’t matter so much, but if you’re younger it matters a little more. 3-5 riders will probably want to start at 50cc. All well-known branded companies produce 50cc bikes. Riders over the age of 15 will usually start riding full-size bikes.

Purpose of riding

The next big question will be, “Which one are you going to ride?” Will it be a bit of motorcycling, trail riding, desert, double sport, or everything? This is a barrier where you can choose the type of mountain bike you want to ride.


If you plan to ride a motocross most of the time, then you have several options. For larger bikes, you can choose between 125cc dirt bike two-stroke, 250cc two- or four-stroke, or 450cc four-stroke. The small bike will always be good if you are a beginner to motocross and if you want to learn basic techniques and good riding skills then I recommend a 125cc two-stroke motocross bike. These are the best workout bikes because they teach you how to ride a fast, smooth bike, and they take more skill to ride fast. Intermediaries often choose 125cc dirt bikes and professional racers often choose 450cc four-stroke bikes, but not always.

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Ride a bike

There are many types of bikes that are great for trail riding. All branded companies have four-stroke bikes usually 250cc and 450cc. Kawasaki, KTM, and other European companies have two-stroke trail bikes from 125cc to 300cc+. If you don’t like night riding and are new to riding, Honda has a great line of short-term four-stroke bikes. They have the CRF100F, 150F, 230F (rumored to be discontinued soon), and then the liquid-cooled CRF250F with enduro lights like a motorcycle. KTM has 125, 200, 250, and 300cc two-stroke models, all of which are great and have great power. A two-stroke would be a great choice if you want to be a good racer and have a little more fun, but if you want a full-size quad bike, the 250cc will also be one. good cars, as they have a lot of power and are on the road Possibly legal.

Dual sport

As I mentioned earlier, 250cc and 450cc roads are potentially legal (you can get road-legal two-strokes, but it can be a bit trickier). These are all great bikes, but a beginner should start with a smaller bike. Every branded company has a liquid-cooled 250cc four-stroke bike and they are all comparable. Suzuki has the road DRZ400 with a few more options than other bikes. Honda has the XR250R, 400R, and 650R/L which may be road legal, but off-road is great too. I wouldn’t recommend picking up the big 400, 450, or 650cc bikes if you’re new to riding as they have a lot of power and torque.


Riding in the desert may not be popular with most riders, but in Phoenix, California, and other desert areas, riders go out and ride there all the time. The larger the motor, the easier the sand is to pass through. The Honda XR650 is a very good bike if you are an avid rider and want to ride in the desert because it has all the torque. The smallest bike you want to achieve is a two-stroke 125cc dirt bike, otherwise, the sand will eat you up.

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Choosing the right dirt bike can be difficult. There are many types of bikes to choose from, so make sure you pick the right one. But that doesn’t mean you can only buy one. Another way to find the bike you want is to try a few of your friends’ bikes and see if you like them, and the more bikes you try, the more you’ll know what you want. Before you buy one, you have to figure out what you like and you’re on your way to finding a bike that fits your needs. Thanks for watching and be sure to check back soon for my new post titled, “How to Buy a Dirt Bike.” Thanks!

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