Everything You Need to Know About Parcel Mailing Bags

Everything You Need to Know About Parcel Mailing Bags

There is often a confusion about the choice of mailing bags to use when transporting small and durable goods. We all know that fragile and delicate items need to be packed securely to protect them from damage. But what about the smaller and durable items?

Parcel Mailing Bags provide a cheap alternative to traditional packaging methods for not-so-large durable items. We shall dive into the various reasons that make parcel mailing bags an ideal packaging solution.

parcel mailing bags

What are they made of?

Parcel mailing bags are primarily made of two materials – paper and plastic. The plastic is made of Polyolefin which is either co-extruded or monolayer extruded.

Types of Parcel Mailing Bags

Depending on its utility, there are many varieties of parcel bags available in the market:

Lightweight Postal Bags: These postal bags are lightweight yet robust used primarily for sending out paper-based documents or files. Being lighter than traditional paper mailing bags, they have become the new favourite in the industry.

Mail Order Parcel Bags: One of the most common types of parcel mailing bags to recognize because these are the same bags in which our garments are shipped when we order from any online portal. These bags are much stronger and flexible than regular lightweight postal bags.

Tamper Proof Mailing Bags: Tamper proof bags are intelligently designed and built so that nobody tries to tamper and steal the cargo. Many a times crooks steal the original product by replacing it with a dummy item but with tamper proof mailing bags all of these are a thing of the past.

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Heavy Duty Parcel Mailing Bags: As the name suggests, these bags are made for heavy duty cargo and are much stronger than mail order bags. These mailing bags are extremely sturdy and protect the goods during in transit handling of the cargo. Common areas of application for these bags are shipping of heavy and bulky items like a catalogue or an encyclopedia.

Plastic-infused Paper Bags: These mailing bags replicate the look and feel of paper but are actually made of plastic. In addition to being stronger than paper mailing bags, these are waterproof as well.


Extremely Lightweight: Parcel mailing bags are extremely lightweight making them an efficient choice for packing small durable goods. They do not add any extra weight to the existing cargo and when shipping in bulk results in potential cost savings. Being lightweight it can be easily maneuvered and does not require too much space for storage.

Flexible and Robust: Mailing bags are known for their strength and malleability. Even though non-fragile items are transported in parcel bags generally, they are really effective in securing and protecting the cargo from damage. Being flexible these bags can be easily stored in places where it would have been difficult for other packaging options.

Waterproof: Plastic postage bags are 100% waterproof and help protect the cargo from liquid or water related damages. Not only that, these bags can also withstand the burst pressure while in transit and preserve the packing in its original condition.

Customization: Postal mailing bags can be easily customized as per the requirements of any business. The best example is that of reverse logistics, parcel pink mailing bags can be tailored to have double seals, so that the customer can return the product if they need to. This variety of mailing bags are an ideal solution for return packaging of a product.

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Environment Friendly: Nowadays most plastic postal bags are sustainable and non-polluting as they are no longer made from non-renewable sources. These eco-friendly bags are sourced from natural and biodegradable materials and hence do not add to the existing carbon footprint on the planet.