Great Thoughts To Recreate Your Old Jewelry

Great Thoughts To Recreate Your Old Jewelry

No doubt about it. You got a special attachment to your jewelry collection. But they may be ancient and out of style. Or it’s a family heirloom and outdated. Besides, they may no longer fit because you bought them a long time ago. If that is the case, you don’t have to toss your jewelry away. Go for heirloom jewelry redesign, and you will have something new and unique that retains initial sentimental value.  

Many jewelers are available to offer heirloom jewelry redesign if you want to have something that matches your taste and trendy. Your old jewelry still holds a lot of value, and that’s why it will be a great idea to reuse.

While an expert will be useful if you seek to repurpose your jewelry, you may even decide to carry out an heirloom jewelry redesign by yourself. So, whichever way you choose, reusing your gem will help retain its unique value in your life.

Great heirloom jewelry redesign ideas you may consider

Broach wreath 

Does your jewelry box contain retro brooches? It’s time to put it to beautiful use. You can a wreath project from them. Wreath project is a fantastic heirloom jewelry redesign idea where you only need embroidery hoop brooches and some floral supplies. You can create a stunning wreath.

Once you repurpose your jewelry and create a wreath, you can hang it on your front door, overhead your mantel, or you can use it as a welcoming touch in the guest room.

Curtain tieback

Do you seek something to add romantic sparkle to your window treatment? You can use a pair of antique brooches. They can make very beautiful curtain tiebacks. You can be creative enough and have an heirloom jewelry redesign where you can pair colored suede string and unfinished wooden beads. That way, you will have something unique and attractive from your old jewelry.

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Pot planter 

If you have a vast collection and you want to have an heirloom jewelry redesign, this will be a great and perfect project to undertake. You will just be required to disassemble your jewelry and arrange them to fix a concrete flower pot. When done, you will have a pot planter where you can plant your lovely flowers. 

Repurposed jewelry camera strap

This is heirloom jewelry redesign ideas that will make your camera look lovely—many love taking pictures. If you are those and you like carrying your camera around, this will be ideal for making the strap more attractive. You can use pearls and come up with a unique camera strap that matches your style and personality. A jeweled brooch may also be a great idea to add. 

Jeweled drawer pulls

Are you among those likes appearing unique in offices? You got an excellent heirloom redesign idea where you can use your old jewelry and create drawer pulls. Custom jeweled drawer pull will be a beautiful thing that you won’t buy at any hardware store.

It may not be in the office alone where you can have a jeweled pull. You can even remodel your bathroom or replace your cabinet handles in your kitchen and dresser drawers. Just take old jewelry that you don’t use and repurpose them to add more beauty to every room within your home.

Jeweled photo frames

Photos help to remind you of crucial moments, events, or stages of your life. You can add more beauty to your images through an heirloom jewelry redesign. The old vintage jewelry can help to turn your ordinary photo frames into something extraordinary. You can rest assured that you will love that idea of dressing up your photo frames to have something extra special. 

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If you are seeming for a different gift to offer to your loved one, this can be the most ideal. It may be during a birthday party, mother’s day, or father’s day. Just get the old jewelry and repurpose them into beautiful picture frames, and you will have the most unique.

Ensure to take the large necklaces or brooches and change them into a standalone photo frame. You can remove the centerpiece and then add your loved one’s favorite picture. If the photo frame is yours, you may add your most preferred small image.

Jewelry wedding bouquet

A wedding is such an important event in life. What if you make it more remarkable with that old jewelry you have created a unique and strong attachment? Your wedding bouquet doesn’t need to contain flowers. You can have an heirloom jewelry redesign to get a stunning jeweled wedding bouquet.

A unique jewelry bouquet made of jewelry you have grown to have intimacy with will be the perfect way to retain their value in your life. It may be a family heirloom, and you are determined to maintain its importance in your family. This will be a unique way to repurpose it and have something memorable in your life.   

Shadowbox jewelry display

Get on board with this fantastic heirloom jewelry redesign idea. You can change your old jewelry to be its little display. Just create a shadow box and then add your most favorite pictures as well as some costume jewelry. It can be the best and unique way to keep memories of your loved ones. Besides, it’s an easy project you can do with ease. If you don’t like the idea of creating your shadow box, go on, and buy one. Once you have it, ensure to add unique jewelry pieces and your preferred photo.

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Jeweled Christmas tree

For Christians, this will be an excellent heirloom redesign idea that can help to center the significance attached to Christmas. It may appear to be a complex project, but it will be worth all the effort you will put into creating it. You can rest assured that it’s going to be the most beautiful and unique jewelry where the old pieces look and feel great.  

Beaded sandals

This is among the most creative heirloom jewelry redesign thought. Don’t throw away the beads from strands. You can take and sew them into your sandals following a specific attractive pattern. Apart from helping you preserve the dots, you may have developed an affection for sewing them onto your footwear to make it beautiful and unique.


You got many heirloom redesign ideas to help you maintain that special affection you have for your old jewelry. Redesigning jewelry is a way of making it to suit your style while retaining its original value. Don’t toss away your old jewelry. You can use the above ideas and repurpose your gems into something unique and lovely.