Five Most Important Pre-Winter Repairs You Shouldn’t Avoid

Five Most Important Pre-Winter Repairs You Shouldn’t Avoid

During the whole summer, having beach parties, barbecues, baseball games, and long trips must be your priorities. With this entire fun schedule, aren’t you forgetting to winter-proof your home?

The weather conditions change quickly without giving you moments to go for necessary repairs if you keep delaying them. Some of the repairs become expensive after getting neglected for a long time.

It’s not necessary to do repairs every year some require quick attention. Maintaining home and doing repairs may not be on your priority list, but before the cold breezes arrive, the wisdom is to consider a few repairs:

1.     Examine Roof And Clean Gutters

Due to wear and tear, your roof and gutters need a proper inspection. Before it gets covered by heavy snow you should hire a professional to do the inspection.  If any sign of damage may appear, invest your money for quick repairs.

Due to extreme wintery conditions, tiles or shingles may fall or break which can cause water leaks. Before it becomes a huge problem and demands roof replacement. Studies have shown an average homeowner spends over 600 dollars only on roof repairs.

2.     Inspect Furnace

The perfect time for checking furnace functionality is before winter. Add this task to your to-do list and assure that it’s operating as it should be turning on its heat and bowler.

Try to change your furnace filter every winter season. If your home doesn’t get warm properly there might be a sign of dirt in your filters that you should remove immediately. If you think your furnace is old and does not function well, the better solution will be a new furnace installation instead of repairing it.

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3.     Check Pipes

If you live in an area where the temperature goes below freezing you should consider installing new pipes that are exposed.

In extreme weather conditions, it will burst or leak. Inspect your pipes and their conditions. If they are old and give you signs of leakage when water gets frozen inside, hire a professional to inspect your pipes and make them prepare for winter.

4.     Clean Your Chimney

Remember the last time you cleaned your chimneys? If not for a long time then it’s time for your to clean your fireplace. Make sure before lighting up your chimney that there is no debris or any critters that might have made a nest.

Cleaning your chimneys from flammable substances will be a must to do in your list. Hire an expert for this job to make your chimney clean. Even if you fire your chimney three times a week or more than this, you should clean it every year.

5.     Weatherproof Windows

It is also important to make sure that your windows and doors are in good condition. There shouldn’t be any holes in doors and cracks in windows. In any case, if you see signs of gaps, go for quick repair. Cover your doors with weather stripping and place caulk around windows for weather resistance.

Don’t hesitate to spend your time and money on these minor repairs before they become major and winter arrives.

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