Stairlift Safety

Stairlift Safety

When you start to get older the risk of slips, trips and falls happening everyday on the staircase increase, you may consider using a stairlift to safely access the top floors of your house, this option is much more cost effective than renovating your downstairs or moving out of the  home you love.

Safety questions are frequently asked when installing stairlifts, our customers need to know what features there are and understand what happens in the case of emergency.

Firstly all our stairlifts are modern, and in being so have the standard safety features needed to be installed in a home, with this said, for  those who want a little more control, we have stairlifts with safety features including, call out remotes, allowing the user to call unto five numbers installed on the set. There are slim line stairlifts to make sure other stair users can walk freely up and down the stairs and automatic armrests and footrests that feature sensors that can stop and return the lift to either top or bottom of the staircase.

Types of Standard Safety Features on a Stairlift

Stairlift safety features will protect you and anyone else who uses the staircase, from injury or harm. As standard all Carelift Services stairlifts come with standard and enhanced safety options.

Safety Sensors

Newer stairlifts on the market are fitted with sensors that stop the lift automatically when it detects objects in the path

DC Power

Both plug-in and battery-operated lifts but DC power enables the lift to stay powered with no mains voltage on the stairlift.


Stop Start Motion

The armrest and footrest have sensors the can stop the lift from moving if they detect an obstruction, this means they can move back up the stairs if the stairlift finds an obstruction half way down.

Seat Belts

Every stairlift comes with a safety seat belt as standard, velcro seat belt options are also an option for those with limited mobility needs.

Braking Systems

In the event of a motor failure the stairlift will stop to prevent the stairlift moving further.

During our consultation at your home we will be able to answer any stairlift safety questions you have, alongside explain with our brochure what options you have, the standard safety features, and the costs of the other options. We will leave you with a quote so that you can discuss and research in your own time, we will follow up at an arranged time and from there install the stairlift.

As time will pass between the initial quotation and installation of the stairlift, our experts will re-cover all the safety features and controls of the chosen stairlift. We will take as much time as you need to get to grips with your new stairlift and even after its installed you can call and email our team to discuss anything further you need.

Stairlift Warranty

In the unfortunate case where a stairlift breaks down, your stairlift warranty will provide peace of mind that an engineer will be able to find a solution in a quick timeframe 365 days a year.

All of our standard stairlift warranties cover the cost of replacement defect parts and labour whilst providing you peace of mind that there would be no extra cost to you if a problem were to arise. We also  include annual routine service in the warranty fees they charge. All our new stairlifts come with a standard 2 year warranty and reconditioned stairlifts have 1 year warranty with the option to extend.