Furniture for TV in the living room in a modern style

Furniture for TV in the living room in a modern style

Technological progress cannot be stopped. It increasingly invades our lives with new electronic devices and devices. Today, no one is surprised by ultra-thin screens, home theaters, Blu-ray players. How to arrange such equipment, what kind of furniture for TV in the living room is better suited – in these issues we will now understand.

TV is an integral part of many living room interiors. Sometimes he becomes a real family member when in the evenings; all the household members get together to discuss the past day’s affairs and watch some program. And often, a modern TV stand option is selected for the TV.

Two factors influence the choice of the right model:

  1. The number of equipment that connects to the TV. These can be game consoles, IP TV consoles, audio amplifiers, receivers, and more. Along with flat and thin models, there are also devices with a cathode-ray tube, which differ in weight and size. Such large TVs weigh several tens of kilograms and take up a lot of space. Therefore, they need a reliable cabinet with a wide surface;
  2. The mounting method, or how the TV will be installed. Flat surfaces must be firm and stable and must be suitable for the specified height. When attaching screens to the wall, you need to take care of the brackets and the location of additional equipment.

There was a time when television and the radio played informationally, entertainment, and educational functions. They were proud of the TV, bragged to their neighbors, and diligently covered them with homemade napkins and covers. Today, when buying plasma and LCD panels, the owners often try to find the right diagonal, which will be a continuation of the interior, will perfectly fit into any living room design.

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Thinking about how and where to install a TV, you can focus on the following options:

  • Chest of drawers or cabinet. This is a traditional version, known since the last century. Its convenience is in the dimensions that allow you to install any model and in the presence of additional open and closed shelves for television equipment, disks, and consoles.
  • Racks and tables. Stands are metal supports provided with brackets to secure the TV. Being on the floor, this model takes up little space. There are options combined with tables, where it is convenient to store other items.
  • Modular or cabinet furniture. Differs in its versatility and practicality. No additional space is required for a separate TV stand. This option is also suitable for a small apartment since, along with a TV, it can accommodate a lot of other things.

A curbstone is a classic option used for installing a TV. The disappearance of bulky receivers with picture tubes from stores also made a small revolution in producing furniture for television equipment. Modern models of pedestals generally have an elongated shape and shallow depth. They are designed for a panel that, when large, has good stability and can be located on a narrow surface. Some curved TVs require a deep cabinet.

Even from such a familiar object as a modern TV stands, a modern design idea sometimes makes incredible things. Classic options are installed on wheels, supplied with lighting, various decorative elements. Neo-models are increasingly reminiscent of fantastic objects. But no matter how the TV stands looks, it should have such qualities as:

  • sustainability;
  • additional functions;
  • convenience;
  • interesting design;
  • Spaciousness.
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The modern TV stand, like the classic model, has a good filling. This is often the decisive argument in its favor. The TV is purchased with additional equipment that needs to be placed nearby. The number of these devices sets the filling of the stand. Free shelves can be occupied by CDs, magazines, books, and other things.

The TV stand has a different structure. These can be models consisting of one or several modules with open and closed shelves, compartments for discs, drawers for small items, cases for front and side speakers. Choose a sideboard that matches the style of the living room.

If the living room is decorated in one of the modern technological styles: hi-tech, stylish, techno – a fashionable TV stand can perfectly fit into the situation and perform the function of storing television equipment. In classic interiors, it can be challenging to place the same plasma or LCD panels. Such a sideboard can become a common element between modern technology and lush classic design.