Children’s Bedroom Furniture Trends for 2021

Children’s Bedroom Furniture Trends for 2021

The design of childrens beds and bedroom furniture is getting closer to the needs of children every day. The new proposals are revolutionizing the patterns and placing emphasis on facilitating their activities for children, and the development of creativity and personality. See how to turn the children’s bedroom into a small world, just made for them.

Latest Furniture Trends to Follow for Kids Bedroom

Here are the latest, unique, some colourful and children friendly furniture trends for 2021. Check it out with some awesome images explaining the design and furniture of childrens room.

Importance of scale in children’s bedroom furniture

From the time they are small, we must instill order in children. Promoting order is part of creating healthy habits that will make their day to day easier. From the age of three, children are trained to perform basic tasks. Hanging up her clothes, putting away her shoes, picking up her toys and tidying up her bed, are tasks that you can entrust to her at that age. However, the wardrobe, bed, drawers and shelves are made to measure for the adult. The solution is these new designs of children’s bedroom furniture  that have the perfect scale to turn order into a habit.

More and more space for creativity and play

Creativity and play are essential for the development of cognitive and social skills. Turn your  room  into a teaching resource: blackboard , fabric toys and lots of materials to paint. Reading is also encouraged in the children’s room. Set up a space for her to enjoy her storybooks. A small sofa, a custom bookcase, pillows and a rug are enough. Another great idea is educational furniture, those that stimulate children’s learning of shapes and colors.

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Beds at ground level

How much damage would we have avoided with this solution? The flush bed will not only save the child from injury, but make it accessible to become a play center. This canopy design in the style of a house or camping tent has become very popular and is especially suited to the decoration of a more avant-garde children’s room . Wood floors for their ease of maintenance are ideal for this proposal.

Concept open to the development of personality

One quality that we should bear in mind when deciding on children’s bedroom furniture is neutrality. Furniture should be chosen that does not impose on the child a taste for characters, colors or objects. The ideal is to select functional furniture and objects with neutral designs, but that are appropriate to their age and easy maintenance. Thus, as the child grows, he will develop his own tastes. And then you can gradually incorporate objects that identify him, and affirm his character and make him feel more secure.

Material Used for Making Children’s Room Furniture

Before buying furniture for your children’s rooms, you should know the materials with which they are made, this will help you assess their quality and suitability. The most expensive is not always the most appropriate. These are the most common materials with which children’s and youth furniture are made:

Solid wood

We all dream of solid wood furniture, they are warm, full of authenticity and a natural and rustic appearance, they evoke bygone times when the absence of other materials forced their use.

Wood veneer

Wood veneers are thin sheets of wood, normally less than 1 millimeter thick, which are used, in the manufacture of furniture, fixed with glues and adhesives on inferior quality wooden boards , fibreboards (MDF or DM) or particle board (MDP or chipboard).

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MDF or DM medium density fibreboards are manufactured with small wood fibers, smaller than those used for particle boards, by means of a pressing and gluing process, using a synthetic resin adhesive as a binder.


Melamine, strictly speaking, is a polymer used in the manufacture of resins for impregnating paper. These resins, also known as aminoresins, which are applied to a printed paper, with the designed motifs, create a perfect barrier against humidity, steam, chemical agents, erosion and scratching.

Now that you have all these tips and trends about kids or children bedroom furniture, rush to make the most of the children’s room and make it a world for you.