Glock 17 vs. Glock 19: What’s the Difference?

Glock 17 vs. Glock 19: What’s the Difference?

If you aren’t a lover of handguns, there is a discussion about whether the Glock 19 should be favored over the Glock 17. Although no shootouts were recorded, the debate revealed that many individuals are knowledgeable about weapons and why they own them. This essay will compare the Glock 17 with Glock 19 in terms of size and capacity. With similar characteristics, neither gun has a distinct advantage over the other. And the user’s intended goal is taken into account while making a judgment.

A smaller Glock 19 gun offers the benefit over a larger Glock 19 gun for persons who wish to conceal their carry. Glock considered that while designing this double-stack pistol as a compact option. The selection for those who desire a home protection gun will be a little more difficult. A conventional G17 gun has a bigger capacity, whereas a compact G19 cannon has a minor advantage. Both firearms have Glock MOS slide choices for those who desire to install a red dot optic.

Examining Precision

Accuracy is the most important element of a pistol. Although both are Glocks with a strong history of accuracy, some argue that the shorter barrel length and distance between sights reduce the accuracy of the 19 by a little amount. There are differing opinions on the subject, with supporters of 19 arguing that it is more about the person using the weapon than a minor change in its sights. The present study indicates no discernible variation inaccuracy; nonetheless, we must agree on the Glock 19 components that change depending on who shoots the gun.

This rifle is mostly trusted by police personnel in daily activities because of its outstanding magazine range of 17 bullets in a regular magazine and low weight. Aside from that, the Glock 19 has a lot of firepowers and allows you to shoot accurately and swiftly. Because of the decreased dimensions, it’s ideal for varied functions without compromising vital magazine capacity. You may examine it to choose which choice is best for you.

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The Gun’s Purpose

The next unmentioned aspect of a Glock 17 vs 19 comparison is your motivations for purchasing a pistol. Many individuals use Glocks for competitive shooting, and adding two rounds of regular Glock 17 settings will make a significant impact. Then there are the collectors who want to have an entire range of the current Glock models available, so there isn’t much discussion for them, but the technical differences will be significant.

Unfortunately, these firearms are almost comparable in every feature available, including price. Although there are technological distinctions, choosing which Glock to purchase may be a question of personal preference. If you have never had a Glock before, you should test both models to see which one feels comfortable for you. If you already own a Glock 17, you will find it difficult to justify spending more money on a pistol whose main advantage is more compact.

Final Thoughts

The practical progress is seen in both models, resulting in better handgun options for the market. Suppose your primary goal is buying the gun for your personal use and home defense. Glock 17 will be the right choice. With the availability of Gen3, Gen4, and other earlier Glock models, it is simple to pick the best one at a reasonable price.


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