Historic Saanenmoser chalet. Defining luxury since 1808!

Historic Saanenmoser chalet. Defining luxury since 1808!


Chalet 1808 is a landmark estate in Saanenmoser, a village of Saanen, Switzerland. It consists of a historic chalet built in 1808 and a charming barn built in 1862. Both were carefully restored over a 3 year period using authentic materials and uncompromising craftmanship to create an atmosphere and interior re-defining luxury.


Historic chalet & barn from 1808 restored to its old glory. Located in the municipality of Saanen nearby breathtaking walkways and exciting cross-country paths to Gstaad, modern ski lifts, uninterrupted views, and plenty of sunshine, the over 200-years-old Saanenmoser chalet and barn are an eye-catcher for visitors and tourists.

The sophisticated and uncompromising craftsmanship of the past, the authenticity and quality of the original materials, their graceful aging, and the traces of people’s lives over the centuries contribute to their charm and atmosphere. In an almost three-year restoration, the past was enhanced with every conceivable modern amenity carefully integrated to harmonically coexist with the architecture. All these elements give a satisfactory result that pleases the eyes and the senses.

Living amongst these powerful and harmonious dwellings of bygone eras has many stories to tell, a lot of inspiration, and energy difficult to express in words.


The time was ripe for an extensive renovation. By the mid 18th century, Switzerland was crisscrossed with coach routes, and hundreds of coaching inns were spread across the land. The coach stopped at the end of each stage to change horses and allow passengers to freshen up. Built in the municipality of Saanen in 1808 on the flank of an ancient Roman road, the meticulously crafted chalet welcomed travelers, their horses, and carriages for an overnight stay. The quality chalet construction craftsmanship and top-class materials used in the construction are evidence of the accumulated wealth of the leading families of the region. In 1862,  a spacious barn was added to expand the family’s activities into dairy farming. Amazingly, most of the wood used to build the barn comes from a 15th-century bridge dismantled in the nearby Simmental valley. In addition, the enormous, massive wood beams are awe-inspiring, and the major hall is a monument of great architecture.

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From the 1850s, the coaches were relegated to short distances and finally replaced by trains and early automobiles. The first train line for the area was built in 1905, bringing the first foreign visitors. Tales of the beauty of the region soon rippled out. As a matter of fact, the very first ski lessons in Swiss history were on the gentle slope in front of the chalet in 1932.

To keep up with the growing number of visitors, the horse stables were converted into a restaurant and the 1st floor of the barn into an event, party, and dance area. During the two world wars, the chalet welcomed refugees and orphans, and various sections were used to store cheese and wine produced in the area. The buildings were restored – over a 3 year period – with great love and care by new owners in 2020. Come up, slow down and enjoy an authentic luxury Saanen chalet.