How Can Your Mattress Ruin Your Sleep?

How Can Your Mattress Ruin Your Sleep?

Whilst discussing the factors impacting your sleep, most people will refer to conditions such as insomnia, sleep apnea, stress, depression, liquor consumption and other diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. Although these factors impact your sleep but we often skip one major factor in this regard, that is your mattress.

A low-quality, uncomfortable or disturbing mattress from a bedroom furniture store does not only impact but can also ruin your sleep. Mattress is one of the most causes of sleep deprivation in most people and is often neglected as a cause. This makes the situation worse because the cause of the problem is seldom detected and therefore the mattress is rarely replaced. This may lead to chronic pain or permanent damage in the worst case.

Before going to buy mattress online read this guide to make yourself aware of the ways your mattress can improve or ruin your sleep

Incorrect Posture

Having a mattress that does not provide proper support to your body will not keep your spine aligned and can incur permanent damage to it. Your overall posture will be affected and over time your body will start moving to permanent damage.

Elevates Anxiety

An uncomfortable mattress will not effectively distribute the weight of your body and can also hinder the blood circulation. This will make you restless and deprived of the sleep your body required. As a result, you will wake up tired and anxious.

Partner Trouble

If you sleep with a partner and own a bad mattress, be prepared to face lack of sleep for the future nights. Bad mattresses often do not provide motion isolation meaning that every time your partner changes position you will feel the disturbance too and this can distort your sleep altogether.

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Skin Problems

Cheap or low-quality mattresses are rarely composed of hypoallergenic materials. If you are allergic to your mattress, it would be very difficult to identify the real causative agent. Moreover, even if you do not have allergies but other forms of skin problems such as acne or rashes, these problems are highly likely to get aggravated owing to your mattress.

Toxic Materials

Some mattress, especially the ones with flame retarding features, contain toxic materials such as PBDE. These kinds of toxins can prove to be very harmful for your sleep as well as your overall health. At night, during your sleep, your body starts healing and repairing actions to relieve the fatigue and stress.

However, in the presence of such toxins, the body activates the defence mechanism to save the body from these toxins. So, the healing and repairing process are halted which will cause restlessness and you will wake up tired.

The Solution

As we have described in detail, the ways a mattress can ruin your sleep. Therefore, we advise you to be very cautious while choosing a mattress to buy for you or your loved ones. Choosing a mattress can be a pretty stressful job but it is definitely worth it, otherwise you will end up buying an inappropriate mattress that will disturb your sleep as well as your physical and mental health.