How is Shilajit used in farming?

How is Shilajit used in farming?

Shilajit is a mineral based extract found in Himalayan region having great properties, active components inside it along with effective potency. 

Shilajit is a mineral  with great effects and  with a long history , to be considered as one of the best mineral based extract . It has an ancient history from 3000 year back and used as a natural supplement with positive health benefits according to Ayurveda. Its extraction is not that easy so it’s difficult to find it in its pure form. 

According to Ayurveda it has numerous benefits for improving overall health and Metabolism and is also used in treatment of so many diseases. 

It has anti- oxidant properties, anti- aging and it also consists of so many active components and one is fulvic acid which enhances its usage in so many diseases and majorly used in treating neurological issues. It is also used to improve strength and body built. Shilajit is very beneficial for improving the skin health. Most of the women suffer from skin aging , skin pigmentation , dry patchy and dull skin etc. 

It also improves the fertility in women 

It helps in balancing the perfect hormonal level in female 

Well Shilajit is a blackish brownish in color which is extracted from Himalayan rocks. It is very sticky and found in tar form. 

Along with the health benefits of Shilajit , it is also used in farming these days as it consists of so many active compounds inside it which works with very effective potency and improvise the actions. 

Shilajit is so good and effective in stress

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It also Improves the digestion. 

Also improve the bone density and muscularity 

Shilajit works well against infertility and also against  less sperm count IN males . According to research it has proved that shilajit shows effective actions in male infertility and helps in increasing the sperm count and its quality and it also helps to improve the sperm motility  naturally. You can check shilajit review on google before buying any shilajit pack. 

These are some health benefits of Shilajit but 

Nowadays Shilajit has been used as an active component to improve farming, plant growth and their health. 

Shilajit is added into the fertilizer these days and used actively in farming as Shilajit promotes the organic and natural growth of plants and it also  works as a powerful powerhouse of the plant Immunity. 

It also reduces the action of microorganisms on the field and improves the quality of products. Among these, shilajit has many different types like Shilajit gold and is available in different forms.  

Shilajit also helps provide the proper mineral nutrition to the plant and it also helps in absorption absolutely and along with such it also Improves the plant vitality. 

So it is perfect to use shilajit in farming but should be used in optimum and right values otherwise it may lead to toxicity and sometimes very much hazardous for crops and also for human beings who consume it. 

Excessive and higher dosage should be avoided as it may pollute and make soil very toxic so should always be used in the right quantity. 

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In the market there are so many fertilizers available which consist of Shilajit at the right value. 

Rahul Pandey