What types of massage are there?

What types of massage are there?

There are many different types of massage. Some seek to ease muscle problems and injuries, such as sports and deep tissue massages, while others indicate relaxation, such as reflexology.

These types of massage are prevalent in sports and occupational health. Batam Pijat is a more common type of massage that is suitable for various purposes.

Some massages may have more extensive health benefits. For example, there are allegations that reflexology can heal other parts of the body by targeting arms and legs. However, there is no convincing evidence to support these allegations.

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This blog will explain some of the most basic types of massage and their benefits.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage means the use of hot stones, usually containing basalt. Basalt is a kind of volcanic rock with a high metal content that allows it to retain heat well.

A massage therapist will warm the stones in hot water before putting them on different areas of the body.

They can also hold stones while performing various other massage methods.

Hot stone massage provides warmth to the muscles of the body. This can help tackle muscle injuries, as it eases them and raises blood flow to the area. This, in turn, can help decrease stiffness and discomfort.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is aimed at reaching more deep layers of muscles and connective tissue.

A massage therapist will slowly press fingers on the skin under pressure. They will use slow, hard strokes to target deep tissue.

They can be designed explicitly for nodes in the muscles. Muscle nodes, or myofascial trigger points, are specific areas of tension within the muscle fibre. The exact cause of these nodes is still unclear, but they can develop from excessive use of muscles, for example, from sports or poor posture.

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Because these knots can be painful, deep tissue massage proposes to relieve them and provide pain relief. There is some evidence that this method is useful for this goal.

Sports Massage

The purpose of sports massage is to improve the health of the soft tissues of the body of people who regularly play sports or exercise. It includes manipulations with soft tissues, including:

  • skin
  • muscle
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • fascia

Exercising and regular sports can cause excessive strain on muscles and other soft tissues. Focusing on all these soft tissues, a sports massage therapist seeks to prevent or alleviate injuries, improve muscle function and correct muscle imbalance.

There is reason to believe that sports massage can help in recovering from repeated muscle injuries. There is also some evidence that sports massage can improve muscle performance, but it is less convincing.

Pijat Batam

A therapist will use less push during a Pijat Batam compared with other types of massage.

In a Pijat Batam, the therapist will use low pressure than they would in another kind of massages, such as deep tissue or sports massage.

They will unite combine shorter, tapping strokes and more extended, deeper stroke using light to moderate pressure. They may also move the person limbs around during the massage.

Pijat Batam can help relieve pain, stress, and muscle problems. A systematic review from 2019 found that massage has a range of benefits, including reducing lower back pain.

However, this technique may not be helpful to everyone. For example, one study found that massage therapy did not assist those with fibromyalgia when compare with other kinds of massage.

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Reflexology uses varying amounts of pressure on certain parts of the arms and legs, intending to benefit other parts of the body. Practice can help relax and reduce pain.

There are some cases that reflexology can heal specific parts of the body from various conditions, but there is no substantial evidence for this. For example, one high-quality systematic review found that reflexology could not decrease chronic pain from numerous sclerosis.

However, reflexology may have other gains, such as relaxation. One systematic review from 2019 showed that reflexology helped reduce anxiety in people undergoing treatment for heart disease.


There is evidence of some of the perceived benefits of massage, such as decreasing muscle pain and elevating relaxation.

Many different groups of people can benefit from massage, for example, those who exercise regularly or have poor posture.

When taking a massage from a trained massage therapist, there are some risks. However, the chances that do exist may not hit everyone.

People with wounds or cuts should avoid hot stone massage, as high temperatures can cause even more bleeding. Deep tissue and other powerful massages can also make bleeding worse. People with a bleeding disorder and those taking anticoagulants may refuse massage altogether.

In addition, pregnant women should consult a doctor before any massage.


Many types of massage can help to relax, relieve pain, and also helps prevents and treat injuries.

Most types are secure for most people when performed by a qualified massage therapist.

However, not everyone should seek massage therapy. For example, hot stone massage can aggravate bleeding from a cut or open wound.