How To Keep Your Craft Room Clean and Tidy

How To Keep Your Craft Room Clean and Tidy

Keeping your craft room clean may not be as easy as it sounds. When you’re creating something special it can be hard to keep the room as clean and tidy as you wish. Don’t worry, this article will guide you through a few tips that could help you to keep your craft room clean. 

Always Protect Yourself 

Before you make sure your craft room is clean, you need to make sure you are clean. Wear an apron when you use glue and other materials such as paint. You can remove glue in just a few simple steps however, so if you do spill it’s not an issue. 

If you can keep yourself clean while you’re crafting you’re more likely to keep your craft room clean too. 

Always Protect the Surfaces

Protect every surface that you work on and those around you. Place a protective mat on top of the table you’re working at. Place a trash can next to you and use it often. 

If you’re spraying paint, for example, protect the area immediately around the object you’re spraying. You may also want to consider protecting any equipment or delicate objects that are located nearby. 

Consider protecting the floor as well as your craft table. You may spill or drop things on the floor while you’re working. If you take steps to protect the floor, cleaning up any mess is likely to be easier. You won’t have to scrub  the floors quite as often as you otherwise would. 

Throw Away What You Don’t Need

Always throw away anything that you don’t need. When you do, you’ll find it much easier to keep your craft room clean. 

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Throw away those empty bottles unless you know you’re going to use them. Get rid of empty tubes of paint and bottles of glue. 

Remove those bits of tissue paper that are a little worse for wear and throw them away. 

When you remove all  those unneeded craft items, you’ll find cleaning is much quicker and easier. You can run a cloth over surfaces more freely and give surfaces a better clean. 

If you find that your craft table is cluttered, consider using some storage options. You could, for example, put all your paint in a box. You could put your paintbrushes in a paintbrush holder. Your fabrics could be in a drawer at the side of your desk and anything you don’t need can be thrown away or given to someone else. 

Empty The Trash Can

Be sure to empty the trash can even if it’s not full.  When a trash can is full it isn’t always a pleasant thing to empty. It can spill out over the floor and create a mess. When you empty the trash can regularly it’s less likely to overflow.

Empty the trash can when it’s half or three-quarters full so it’s much more manageable. Have a trash can under your craft table or to the side. Check to see how full it is each time you do some crafting so you know how full it is. When you do, your whole room may seem a tidier and cleaner place to be. 

Always Clean Up Afterward

Whether you make a little or a lot of mess, always clean up immediately afterward. When you take the time to do this, you make your craft room seem more pleasant. Of course, your craft room does not have to be spotless. Rather, it can be a little untidy at times. However, ensuring that it’s tidy and organized in general can help the room be a more welcoming place to spend a lot of time. 

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Keeping your craft room clean and tidy does not have to take a lot of effort. The tips that you can find above can help you to keep your craft room or craft area much more manageable. Use them the next time you do some crafting.

Avijit Ghosh