How to Look Beautiful in Indian Nighty Dress

How to Look Beautiful in Indian Nighty Dress

When you’re sleeping, you want to be at your most comfortable. Some might even say that what you wear to bed is just as important as your bed and your pillows. Since it determines whether or not you will sleep through the night.

For those living in India, it’s even much more important. Since India has a generally tropical type of climate, so the kind of fabric and type of nighty you choose is even more crucial. Choose the wrong ones, and you’ll surely sweat through the night and wake up in the middle of your sleep.

What’s also important is some of you might want to beautiful when you wear your nighty. Being comfortable is not an excuse to not look good; and to do this you also need to choose the right type of nighty for your body.

Here are some tips you can follow to look beautiful in Indian nighty dress.

Check the weather

One of the first things you need to find out is the weather that night. India is known as a country that has fluctuating climate; the night could be raining or dry. This will determine what kind of nighty dress you’re going to be wearing.

If it’s going to rain and the temperature will be cooling down, you might want to go with something that’s longer and cover more skin. You can even use an outerwear such as a robe outside of your nighty. This will keep you looking beautiful and effortless but comfortable enough.

But all this will become moot if you’re sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Then, by all means choose any type of nighty that suits your style!

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Choose the right fabric

Another factor is what kind of fabric is the most suitable for your nighty. You don’t want to be sweaty all night, and look horrible in the morning. So, you need to pick something that’s breathable aside from looking good.

One of the best fabric you can choose is a soft cotton nighty. Cotton will keep you cool all night since it’s a breathable fabric that’s suitable for India’s hot tropical nights. Not to mention it’s also a natural fiber that will absorb your sweat and keep your skin healthy. But be mindful that it’s very breathable and has no insulation. So, if you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room, don’t forget to use that blanket!

Choose the right model for your body type

Of course, if you’d like to look beautiful in your nighty, you need to pick the right type for your body shape. To do this, you need to recognize the type of body shape you have first. There’s apple, pear, square, hourglass and triangle. These shapes will require you to choose different shaped nighty.

For those with apple and pears shape, you want your nighty to be loose on the bottom so you can divert attention from your middle area. While for square you’d want something that has embellishments on top and bottom to create a bit of volume and look more voluptuous. For those with triangle shape, you can show off your shoulders by using a sleeveless nighty. Lastly, for hourglass shape, you can use something that emphasizes your beautiful small waist – such as embellishments on the waist.

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Avoid using synthetic fabric

As we’ve said earlier, you need to choose something that’s breathable, natural and good for your skin. That’s why synthetic fabric is a no-no on this list. Most of the time, synthetic fabric lacks the ability to absorb your sweat, which could irritate your skin and creates rashes.

One of the ways to spot synthetic fabric is by checking the label. if you see polyester on the label, you can bet it will be less comfortable than those made of 100% natural cotton. You can easily spot cotton fabric because it’s lightweight and soft to touch. Whereas unnatural or synthetic fabric will be rougher and stiff compared to cotton.

Get it online

Another recommendation we can give you is to get your nighty dress online. Nowadays, there are lots of e-commerce website which can cater to your every desire and needs. And finding your nighty online just makes sense.

Checking out the options online is much more efficient than going from shop to shop conventionally. You can also search for something that’s very specific to your needs by typing into the search bar and filtering the merchandise. This way, you’ll have the perfect nighty dress in your hand with less effort and time. Not to mention, they also often have great discounts that you can use!

That was our list of ways on how you can look beautiful in your Indian nighty dress. Remember that everyone has different needs and styles, so you can always adjust what you wear to your condition and your body shape. So, what are you waiting for? Get that soft cotton nighty, and join us for a sleepover!