“I can become”: shaping the future of learning and profession switching

“I can become”: shaping the future of learning and profession switching

In an era where knowledge is power, platforms like “I can become Education” are changing the way adults approach professional learning. Offering a unique method of teaching new professions in only 10 minutes a day, “I can become”‘s model is revolutionizing adult education. We recently had an insightful conversation with “I can become”‘s Service Manager to learn more about their distinctive approach.

“I can become”‘s Learning Revolution

Aimed at adults seeking to learn new skills and professions for self-realization, “I can become” offers an engaging and concise platform for learning. Users can immerse themselves in a variety of professions, including coaching, influencing, public relations management, nutrition, psychology, and even entrepreneurship. “Our platform is built around consistency. With just 10 minutes a day, our users can gradually build up their skills and understanding,” explains the Service Manager.

“I can become” maintains its free basic courses by generating revenue from advanced, specialized courses, partnerships with firms, and advertising. This approach allows “I can become” to keep providing quality education to its users while keeping it accessible.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

“I can become”‘s commitment to relevance is evident in its adaptability to market trends. Anticipating the rising demand for digital marketing specialists, data analysts, and remote team managers due to technological advancements and remote work trends, “I can become” plans to incorporate these professions into their curriculum.

To ensure its curriculum remains up-to-date and relevant, “I can become” collaborates with industry experts and professionals and surveys employers to gauge the current requirements in various professions.


From Learning to Livelihood

“I can become” understands that the journey from learning a profession to earning a living from it can be challenging. That’s why, apart from providing quality education, it also offers guidance on creating professional portfolios and tips for job interviews. “We’ve also partnered with several companies to offer our users job opportunities or internships,” the manager adds.

“I can become”‘s Vision

With a vision to democratize education and make learning a new profession accessible to everyone, “I can become” aims to empower individuals to take charge of their professional growth and self-realization in just 10 minutes a day. “I can become”‘s innovative approach and commitment to making education accessible stand as a testament to its potential to shape the future of adult learning.