Korean Facial Massage: Lie to Nature and Stay Young!

Korean Facial Massage: Lie to Nature and Stay Young!

We offer you to learn the main techniques of Korean massage (건마), which will help you regain youth without plastic surgery and injections.

Cosmetologist and founder of her own cosmetic brand, Korean woman Alicia Yun has developed a special facial Korean massage technique that allows you to keep the skin elastic and dense, trains the muscles of the face and prevents gravity from spoiling our lives.

“The first rule of face massage is never to do it on dry skin. It is necessary to remove make-up, if any, wipe the skin with a toner and apply a special face massage cream or cosmetic oil. This is necessary so that the fingers slide a little on the skin, but do not stretch or injure it.

1. Massage of the lymph nodes

You need to start the massage by dispersing the lymphatic fluid. Feel behind the ears, close to the jaw joint, for the lymph nodes and gently, as gently as possible, massage them in a circular motion. Since there is a salivary gland nearby, you may feel a slight burning sensation and profuse salivation, this is normal. Continue for a minute.

2. V-line massage

Bending the index and middle fingers of both hands, slide them along the oval of the face, as if drawing the letter V. This stimulates blood flow and improves skin turgor. Repeat 15 times, varying the intensity of the pressure from very light to very intense.

3. Neck massage

Use your fingertips to smooth the neck from the jawline to the shoulders. Repeat 20 times, pressing intensity is medium.

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4. Chin massage

With a pinching motion, run from the center of the chin to the earlobes and, using smoothing movements, lower your hands down your neck. Repeat 15 times.

5. Cheek massage

Using your fingertips, press several times on the area of ​​the “bag under the eye”, that is, in the place where you usually have swelling. Then clench your palms into fists and make intense pressure movements on the apples of your cheeks. With the back of your fist, press on the central part of the forehead and the eye socket, complete with finger pressure on the temples. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

6. Forehead massage

Make a fist and massage your forehead from left to right and right to left with your knuckles. Then repeat the movement, touching the skin with your fingertips, as if smoothing it. Finish with a “washing” motion from top to bottom. Repeat 5 times.

7. Korean Massage the middle of the cheeks

Using your thumbs with medium pressure, slide from the edges of the nostrils to the temples. Finish with a smoothing motion from top to bottom. Repeat 15 times.