Masako Katsura’s Age, Height, Wiki/biography, Ethnicity, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth, and other Information may be Found Here.

Masako Katsura’s Age, Height, Wiki/biography, Ethnicity, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth, and other Information may be Found Here.


Masako Katsura was a great billiards player who first appeared in the 1950s. She built a reputation for herself as an international-elegance billiard player at a period when males were the only ones who played the game. She became so skilled at billiards that she acquired the moniker “First Lady of Billiards.” But, although billiards is what created Katsura, there is more to her than the game. Masako Katsura was 14 years old when she began playing billiards. Katsura, who was born on March 7, 1913 in Tokyo, grew up under the careful supervision of her mother, particularly after her father abandoned her. And Katsura’s mother advised her to play billiards.

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“I felt vulnerable and fatigued all the time,” Katsura said. “So my mother wanted me to play billiards to get me some exercise and to make me stronger.” Billiard halls were popular in Tokyo during the Roaring Twenties. Katsura’s brother-in-law had one. Katsura realised her talent in the game after picking up a cue. It wasn’t long until Katsura began sprinting at the billiard corridor and worked towards each day.

Katsura, Masako Net worth is believed to be at $6 million USD.

Masako Katsura’s Death and Age

Masako Katsura was born in Tokyo on March 7, 1913. There is little known about Katsura’s upbringing in Japan. Matsuyama died of a heart attack on her way back to Japan on December 20, 1953.

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Masako Katsura’s Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

Masako Katsura stands 1.52 metres tall. However, this height has not been verified. Her weight is yet to be determined. Masako’s physical size is yet unknown. There is also no information available regarding her hair or eye colour.

Wiki/Biography of Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura (7 March 1913 – 1995), nicknamed “Katsy” and dubbed the “First Lady of Billiards,” was a Japanese carom billiards player who rose to prominence in the 1950s. Katsura paved the way for women in the game by participating and ranking among the best in the male-dominated world of professional billiards. Katsura, who learned the game from her brother-in-law and later from eastern champion Kinrey Matsuyama, has become Japan’s simplest women elite player. She finished second in the United States’ national three-cushion billiards tournament three times in Japan. She was recognised at the exhibition for strolling 10,000 points in the game of heterosexual rail. She returned to Japan in 1990 after playing so many games and died in 1995.

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Full NameMasako Katsura
Born7 March 1913

82 years
NicknamesThe First Lady of Billiards Katsy,Masako
Country of citizenshipUnited States of America
Place of birthTokyo
Date of death1995
Height1.52 meters.
Occupationcarom billiards player
Sportcue sports
HometownTokyo, Japan
Masako Katsura Wiki/Biography

Ethnicity of Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura (, Katsura Masako, March 7, 1913 – 1995), nicknamed “Katsy” and known as the “First Lady of Billiards,” was a Japanese carom billiards competitor who was most active in the 1950s. Katsura paved a path for women in the sport by participating and setting some of the best in the male-dominated world of professional billiards. Katsura became Japan’s most effective woman expert competitor after learning the game from her brother-in-law and then under the supervision of eastern champion Kinrey Matsuyama. In competition in Japan, she finished second in the United States’ national three-cushion billiards tournament three times. She was recognised in the demonstration for running 10,000 points in the sport of heterosexual rail.

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Masako Katsura’s Professional Career

As Katsura’s sport improved, she was sent to compete in events with Japanese male gamers. At 15, she was playing like a pro and began accompanying her sisters to events in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Her billiard career was improved in 1937 when she met Kinney Matsuyama. He taught her about information and how to become a better-stage professional in the game. Kinney Matsuyama won many eastern 3-cushion championships and a US nationwide championship in 1934, among other honours.

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Katsura’s powers grew as she was guided by her new train. She becomes the most effective women’s professional billiard player in Japan and a renowned player by 1947. She finished second in Japan’s national three-cushion championship in 1948 and second in subsequent years. Katsura surpassed many male billiard players and began participating in public billiard exhibitions to encourage females to play billiards. One of the 1940s shows became famous when Katsura scored 10,000 points in four and a half hours in an instant rail game.

Because the Second World War hampered Katsura’s athletic career, she looked into other methods to improve it after the fight was ended. She once performed with American soldiers, and as a consequence, her fame went over the world. Katsura arrived to California in 1951 and began playing billiards. However, America has become heavily male-dominated, with no female players in the game. She set records in the 1952 World Three Cushion Billiards Tournament and was the first woman to complete it.

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Katsura authored and published billiards-related books in Japan. Due to a decrease in spectator interest, the sector three-cushion championship tournament was no longer conducted in 1961. The reigning champion, Harold Worst, asked the Japanese great to championship fight in a circuit that drew worldwide interest. Unfortunately, Katsura lost six of her seven fights against Worst. After the game, she maintained a low profile and was seldom seen, even in exhibition outfits.

Family Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura was born in Tokyo on March 7, 1913. In Japan, nothing is known about Katsura’s adolescence. Katsura was the youngest of four siblings. Katsura’s father died when she was 12 years old, and she moved to live with her older sister and her sister’s husband, Tomio Kobashi, who managed a billiard parlour.

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Boyfriend Masako Katsura

Katsura met grasp Sergeant Vernon Greenleaf, an American serviceman, while playing exhibition matches for the yank soldiers. Greenleaf was stationed in Japan and was blown away by Katsura’s gaming talents. He asked her to show him how to play the game, and it was at that point that they fell in love. Greenleaf and Katsura married in 1950. Katsura followed her spouse when he was sent to the United States shortly after their marriage. The couple relocated in the United States and lived happily until Greenleaf died in 1967. Regrettably, the couple no longer has children, and Katsura has not remarried.

Masako Katsura’s net worth is unknown.

Check out Masako Katsura’s net worth in 2020. Also included is current information about Masako Katsura automobiles, earnings, salary, and lifestyle. Masako Katsura’s estimated net worth is $ USD 6 million, according to web resources (Wikipedia, Google search, and Yahoo seek), and he is the top carom billiards player. We don’t have enough information on Masako Katsura’s cars or lifestyle. We will be able to update this information shortly.

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Masako Katsura’s Frequently Asked Questions

Masako, are you still alive?

Masako passed away in 1995 at the age of 82. So it is evident that Masako is both dead and not living right now. Furthermore, there are several misleading incidents and pieces of hearsay about Masako’s age number, all of which are false since she died a long time ago. Simply put, her life’s events painted a picture of what was to come.

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Masako is well-known for what reason?

Masako is famous for earning the moniker “Woman of Billiards” when she competed in the World Billiard Championship as the only female competitor. That is when she assumed this title, and everyone acknowledged her for what she done. Masako started to participate in new meetings after that, and people became aware of her presence.

Was Masako a happy child?

She wasn’t the happiest, according to some sources, since she lost her father at a young age. That was the moment at which she became agitated, but it was followed by a series of other events in her daily life when she developed an interest in sports.

How did she begin in the first place?

Masako Katsura, unlike Beth Harmon, was not orphaned, despite the fact that her father died when she was only 12 years old. She then moved in with her elder sister’s husband, who owned a billiards parlour. She started to spend time there, and by the age of 13, she was working as a billiard attendant for him. He taught her the basics and had a table given to her house because of her interest.

What does it matter if she didn’t win the world title?

Consider what she accomplished for women in billiards and other cue sports. She made women’s participation in these sports acceptable. She embodies the definition of a pioneer. And she cherished every second of her remarkable life. She was loved by her fans, and they were adored by her. It’s difficult to grasp how crucial she was in the world we live in in 2021. Seeing women play a cue sport, or even females in pool and snooker rooms, was scandalous until Katsura came along, and many people disliked the concept. The fact that she did it and was rewarded for it shows what a great, compassionate, formidable, and brilliant person she was.


So that finishes our extensive investigation of Masako Katsura. Most people who die are completely wiped from records and memories, yet many are still living. Even after such a long time, people like Masako are remembered.

Katsura, Masako Net worth is believed to be at $6 million USD.

She is an entity that came to prominence in the preceding century before disappearing in the same century. However, she is most known for her outstanding accomplishments in the game of billiards. She represented females from all around the world at a worldwide sports convention.

That is why so many people remember her and appreciate her to the nth degree.