Navigating Parenthood with Affordable Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine

Navigating Parenthood with Affordable Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine


Embarking on the journey of parenthood through surrogacy is a transformative experience, and stands as a beacon of support for intended parents worldwide. Our surrogacy agency offers a range of tailored programs designed to meet the diverse needs of those seeking to build their families. With the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine being remarkably affordable, our agency opens doors to parenthood that may have once seemed financially out of reach.

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Affordable Surrogacy Programs: takes pride in providing a variety of surrogacy programs to cater to the unique circumstances of intended parents. Our commitment to affordability is reflected in the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, which is up to 75% more affordable than comparable options in countries such as the United States. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that the dream of parenthood through surrogacy is attainable for a broader range of individuals and couples.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine Price:

At, we understand that financial considerations are a significant aspect of the surrogacy journey. Our surrogate mother Ukraine price starts at just $37,900, making our programs not only accessible but also cost-effective. This inclusive pricing covers various aspects of the surrogacy process, providing clarity and peace of mind for intended parents.

Tailored Programs to Meet Every Need:

We recognize that each surrogacy journey is unique, and our agency is equipped to address a spectrum of needs. Whether you already have pre-existing embryos created in your home country and need to ship them to Ukraine, plan to undergo an IVF cycle at our state-of-the-art clinic in Kiev, or require IVF with an egg donor, our programs are designed to accommodate your specific circumstances. We aim to make the surrogacy process as seamless as possible, providing support at every step.

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International Shipping and Logistics:

For those with pre-existing embryos, our agency has established relationships with various international shipping companies to facilitate the safe and efficient transport of embryos to Ukraine. This ensures that regardless of geographical distances, the embryos reach our clinic in optimal condition, ready for the next stages of the surrogacy process.


In conclusion, is not just a surrogacy agency; it is a partner in the journey toward parenthood. Our commitment to affordable surrogacy programs, transparent pricing, and a range of services tailored to individual needs sets us apart. If you envision parenthood through surrogacy and seek an agency that combines expertise with compassion, look no further. Let be your guide as you navigate the path to realizing your dreams of a complete and loving family.