New travel destinations in 2023: Poland

New travel destinations in 2023: Poland

For the majority of people the beginning of each new year is the time of looking ahead, making plans and resolutions and setting goals for the upcoming months. This is also a right moment to give some thought to your travels and perhaps look for new and captivating travel destinations. A Polish travel agency ITS Poland says it might be worth your while to consider visiting this part of Europe, as it offers a complete package that will suite each and every traveller.

When travelling to Poland for the first time you will probably choose one of the most popular destinations among foreign holiday-makers. There are three major areas that will most likely pop-up when doing on-line research, namely Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw. You may consider all three as your safe bets. Naturally all three come in different flavours and have a slightly different vibe to them but generally are tourist-oriented with numerous hotels, hostels and privately-owned flats for rent. You will find a good selection of services, tours and restaurants offering top level of experience throughout the price range. Each city offers a number of cheap flight connections with most of the European cities, which makes them easy to get to regardless whether you are planning a quick city break or a longer holiday.

kind host

Got taste for more?

If you have already crossed the three aforementioned cities off of your to do list, or perhaps prefer to avoid the mainstream travel ideas, fear not for there is plenty more to see and do in other parts of the country. Staying in the urban environment you might want to try Wroclaw in its unique setting by the Oder river, a modern business centre with quite a bit of history and places to visit. Another unobvious choice would be Bydgoszcz by the river Brda – oftentimes called a small Berlin, due to evident German influences from the pre World War II era. You may then travel up the Vistula river to visit the meticulously restored medieval old town in Toruń. However, Poland has a lot more to offer than the cities only. You may enjoy more than eight hundred kilometres of picaresque beaches along the coast of the Baltic sea with thick forests and cliffs in the background. The water might be a bit chilly, though. The wanderers amongst you can trek the mountains down south. There are both chain supported trails high in the Tatra mountains as well as rolling Bieszczady mountains perfect for long leisurely strolls. There are endless waterways and grand lakes in the Mazury region ideal for the yachting enthusiast or rugged areas of the Białowieża forest untouched by the human hand. With such a diverse landscape and endless list of activities there is literally anything you might ever to see of do.

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kind host

A kind host

Naturally, the country cannot be judged or described separately from its people and we have got some good news. If not for the views, the history or anything else it is simply worth visiting for the people. Despite some of old stereotypes originating probably in the cold war era, the Polish people are simply extraordinary. They are welcoming, accommodating and full of empathy and will often get out of their own way just to help anyone in need, even a total stranger. They do this out of kindness and just because it is the right thing to do, while expecting nothing in return. A Polish host will make you feel special, even if you are popping-in for a quick cup of tea. Hospitality is passed on with every generation and the Polish will often say Gość w domBóg w dom, which translates to “guest in the house, God in the house”.

Just go!

If you have not booked your holidays yet you should definitely consider going to Poland. It is a stunning country in every way possible and do not just take our word for it. Go see for yourself and we are more than certain that once your holidays are over you will want to go back. To shop for travel ideas you may go to ITS Poland – a Polish travel agency with a vast database of itineraries and a comprehensive list of places to see and things to do. Now go on, have an adventure!

Avijit Ghosh