Quality time spent with kids helps a man remain healthy

Quality time spent with kids helps a man remain healthy

In the 21st century, a man has also comforts of life that his parents and forefathers never enjoyed. One can talk to any one person living in any part of the world, one can see things that are currently happening in other parts of the world on television and many such innovations. To beat the heat, turn on the ac, to beat the cold turn on the heater. 

Science and technology have made our life comfortable but still. There must be some reason that today’s men are more depressed, stressed and commit more suicide than in earlier decades and centuries. 

Our forefathers never ever heard about depression, and loneliness and without any comforts of life they lived a far more peaceful and better life as compared to us. 

In today’s world, one of the main remains of the poor health of men is the lack of time they get to spend with their children. Kids are often considered gifts of God, and they surely are. A child is a symbol of love and its presence lightens the entire house bad brings a smile to everyone’s face. But today’s times are so claustrophobic that men don’t want enough time to spend with their kids. Such men can be identified with poor health situations and often require Fildena from powpills.com

Why do men don’t have time to spend with kids?

This is the question that is troubling the life of every man who is a father. Kids are our life’s best gift God can give us. Every man wants to spend quality time with his kids and become a kid again. These are memories that one cherishes on getting old while talking with loved ones. But today’s men are getting deprived of creating these memories. Some of the main reasons are:

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Toxic professional life

Earlier in the days of studies school and college were our second home. Now the second home has been replaced by an office and workplace. We spend almost 9 to 12 hours of the day in the office. Sometimes the extra work is even completed by us after reaching home. In many multinational companies, one can say that employees that no less than bonded labours. They are overworked for 10 to 12 hours regularly, during overtime it often goes to 16 to 18 hours. The man is just left with 5 to 6 hours during which he eats and sleeps. 

So, almost no time to spend with kids. Such men have poor mental health because of the feeling to play with kids but cannot do so because of work and are often found taking Cenforce 100

Work from home

My professional life was making it difficult to find time to enjoy myself with kids. But the addition of pressure came due to the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic led to the employees being shifted from the office to work from home. Many thought that finally, they will be able to spend quality time with kids. But they were shocked as they were worked even more than in offices. The work pressure was the same and sometimes added on. 

It was the most drastic situation for men because despite being at home for 24 hours, they cannot find time to spend with kids. When the whole family is having lunch together and cracking jokes but man is busy on the laptop. In the office, one was working till evening and there was no scope for meeting with kids hence, the mind was focused on work. But with work from home, one is watching his kid playing but cannot join him. 

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How does spending time with kids makes a man healthy?

There’s a reason parents long for kids in marriage. In many cultures and traditions, a marriage is only considered successful if kids are born. Named as a blessing of God and a sign of the love of partners kids make everyone happy. Kids are tension free due to no stress of career or life and hence, always remain cheerful. 

Their positive vibes make everyone happy. A depressed person will surely get out of depression and start smiling again if he spends some time with a kid. Due to work pressure or several issues in life, a man is always under high-level stress. There are not many ways of easing stress nowadays. Men generally go for drinking and such activities. 

But if you have a kid at home, then go and spend some time with him/her. The dopamine levels increase significantly which will uplift your mood and you will forget about stress in life. And this is not an assumption but it is scientifically proven. 


As a father or brother, it is your duty to give your time to the kid in your family. No need to take antidepressants can check Vidalista 20 Price but simply play with the kid in your family. It’s the gift of God with which you should spend some time.  

Rahul Pandey