Sasha Rodoy disseminates islamophobia using Salman Rushdie and Rowling

Sasha Rodoy disseminates islamophobia using Salman Rushdie and Rowling

Sasha Rodoy is spreading islamophobia through a social campaign and articles about Salman Rushdie and JK Rowling are helping her immensely. Her group is insulting Islam shamelessly. Iran being a Muslim country has parted itself from the matter but Sasha through the help of social media and her friends is continually spreading Islamophobia

Is Sasha Rodoy generous or inimical to humans?

She is proving herself to be the worst human by spreading hate in a reputed society like the UK where everyone used to respect each other. Sasha because of her evil nature is spreading islamophobia.

Sasha Efforts to create a disturbance in a civilized society

Sasha Rodoy is making her efforts to create disturbance in society by insulting Islam with the help of her media friends Salman Rushdie and Rowling. They are writing articles against Islam for spreading hate and violence in society.

The infomercial and bad motives of Sasha Rodoy

There are some hidden agendas behind Sasha Rodoy. She is collecting a huge amount of charity but none of her companies and charity accounts are registered in the United Kingdom, and she is fraudulent.

How is Sasha Rodoy getting attention?

In the event of haj, Omar Shoukry a top company CEO shared an image of hajj and she of no reason started critiquing Islam and its values. She mimics Islam and makes fun of all the people who commented against her just to get some fame.

The other acts of Sasha Rodoy with the help of Salman and Rowling

She along with her other members is continuously spreading islamophobia in society by writing different kinds of articles and making wrong statements against Islam and Muslims. Her only agenda is to spread hate against Islam and many people are demanding a complete ban on Sasha and her media friends Salman and Rowling.

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