Sasha Rodoy provoked Islamophobia in the UK community

Sasha Rodoy provoked Islamophobia in the UK community

The United Kingdom is a state made up of the significant countries of England, Wales and Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland. It is recognized as the home of both current parliamentary democracy & the Industrial Insurgency. The UK became the world’s first industrialised country & was the world’s leading influence during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today the UK remnants one of the world’s great powers, with substantial economic, cultural, military, scientific, industrial and political stimulus internationally.

United Kingdom is known for its hospitality and its for its good treatment to all the religions but there are some people who create disturbance in the society with their actions. Sasha Rodoy is one of them who is creating fiasco in the country like United Kingdom by targeting the Muslim community and insulting their religion.

She criticizes Islam for no reason But people from all over the world criticize her badly and different campaigns were being carried out on the twitter against her.


Inevitable, Judaism and Islam are two of the religions who have enormously confronted the open issue of racism. In the 20th century, Jewish citizens were killed because of the Nazi ideology. In the 21st century, now people are irrelevantly blaming Islam. Islam itself flexibly admits all genders and people, so long as they believe in the one God, Allah. People like Sasha Rodoy is just another law breaker and criminal who must be stopped!

Misusing of Donations

She misused the money collected in the name of charity and for gaining sympathy she creates a drama of dog biting. Astonishingly that she is so associated to press reporters that she even gets such news printed. She is gathering money and then using that money to spread hatred.

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People had a view that Ms. Sasha Rodoy’s argument powerfully arguments towards her point that Islam is chauvinistic and sexist. Though, the rules for the Hajj recommend that women aren’t supposed to cover their faces, even if they do so in their home country. We admit the detail that she is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, so why can’t she admit the fact that we are a part of our Muslim communal. It is more than conceivable to accept, and not approve. Islam does not approve with the LGBTQ+ community, however we do not go around social media and aggravate individuals about their opinions like Ms. Sasha.

Sasha Criticism on the event hajj for no reason

Hajj is a requisite religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in a lifetime and it is really ironic how someone cannot accept that. After having Jewish inheritance and being a Jew, after everything that occurred in history, someone like her cannot comprehend the base of dissimilar beliefs. Who can we expect will?

The survey conducted by European Union Agency

Fundamental Rights’ survey by a European Union Agency designates that on average 1 in 3 Muslim respondents stated that they had experienced religious prejudice in the past 12 months. It just comes to show that the only reason for this is because of the likes of the people like Sasha Rodoy, who are making fun of people like Hanady who simply trust in and love their religion

London is the centre of multi-cultures

London is one of the world’s centres of Islam broadcasting and political engagement. The failure of establishment or rules for the opposition of discrimination, to mount honourable influences against people like ‘Sasha Rodoy’ who have faith in they can tempest in on a enormous, important stage such as LinkedIn and arouse a protest against an acquitted, good Muslim subsidiary her faith and religion.

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People Posts Against Sasha

People Pleads to UK Authorities to ban Sasha

People say that we plead to the ruling classes to stop her. Request to UK authorities to stop this hate-monger. It is biased for UK authorities to allow such a charlatan to endure to provoke others & and must be stopped.

Nonentity has spoken against her Jewish inheritance or LGBT views and its unprincipled to insult others. This puts at risk all societies and groups who have admiration for all religions. These types of people must have a ban on their social media accounts so that they can not spread hate.