Taplink Tool For Musicians

Taplink Tool For Musicians

Taplink is a multifunctional service that allows creating a landing page. It provides sections with information and links, leading to social media, sites, various platforms, and messaging apps. It’s a must-have both for businesses and creators, including musicians. 

The tool helps attract new audience, increase number of visits to platforms with tracks and share more information about coming albums with followers. Also, it lets increase sales of tickets and provides information about special offers, merch, etc.

Suitable for everyone

Both professional musicians and beginners will highly appreciate the service. Below, there’s an example of experienced singer’s landing page. You may see his photo. Then there’s placed a button, tapping which the user may buy tickets with a huge discount. Next, you see buttons with links that lead to the platforms with musician’s tracks. 

On the screenshot below, you’ll see the landing page of the novice musician. It contains his photo and a brief description about himself. Also, there are buttons that lead to his blog and another social media. It’s even possible to donate the musician money, using the service.

Easy to use

Taplink tool allows people adding as many links as possible. At this time, coding skills are unnecessary, user-friendly interface simplifies the process of the landing page creation. The service may be used either from smartphone or computer.

There are available lots of prepared simple, advances and animated templates: you just need to enter your information. If you’ve got some idea, it’s always possible to create unique design.

Various plans

You may create your Taplink landing page absolutely for free. Anyway, if there’s desire to use all the functions and options of the service, it’s possible to pay for Pro or Business subscription.

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You’ll be able not only to create unique pages, but also analyse activity of your audience. It will help you to learn what type of content your subscribers like the most.

Where to use

You may add a link to the Taplink landing page in your Instagram bio or in another social media. We’ll show you how to do this in several steps.

It’s important! You should remember that you may add a link to your account only when it’s business. So, make sure to switch to it.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram and tap the button Edit profile;
  1. Find the section Website and enter the necessary link. 

Well-done! Instagram itself allows adding of only one link. Anyway, on the Taplink landing page you may place as many links as you need. This will let you ignore restrictions of the platform.

Useful tools for musicians

The service is suitable for various creators and businesses that’s why it provides lots of functions. They include work with videos, maps, adding banners, price lists and others.

For sure, musicians will highly appreciate the tool Music. To use it, you need a Pro account.

Now, it’s possible to place on the page buttons that lead to various music platforms. Among them there are: Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and many others. So, if you’ve downloaded your tracks on several of them, make sure to share all the links. It will help you to attract as many people as possible. 

Also, there are lots of add-ons that let you analyze actions of users and communicate with them more.

Example of Taplink landing page

We’d like to show you the examaple of the Taplink landing page. On the screenshot below you see the avatar with logo, also there’s the name of the establishment and a brief description. Underneath, there are buttons for making a reservation and ordering delivery. They help to save lots of time of customers and redirect to the site or messenger.

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You may open the section About Cafe and learn more useful information about it. Also it’s possible to see what dishes are served, and decide whether this place is suitable for you or not. 

A bit further there’s info about working hours of the coffee shop. The customers won’t have to visit Google Maps or other services to learn when it’s open. 

Scrolling a bit, you’ll see Special Offers of this place. They can attract those people who still don’t know whether they’d like to visit this shop or not. It provide the rules of participating in some promotions.

People like when they deal with not faceless brand, but with real people. That’s why it’s always possible to add imformation about staff, share the most important news and events. 

It’s a big thing to add reviews of real customers. When the brand isn’t widely known it helps attract new people. Also, we recommend to share info about your other social media, so everybody may use the most suitable platforms and follow the brand there.

Never forget to add as many as possible links to messaging apps. This method will help you to keep in touch with audience, get useful feedback and increase sales. 

Share info about your location, add e-mail and telephone number. Remember that all people are different and use various communication media.

If necessary, create a contact form on the Taplink landing page. Receive information about new orders right from the service!

Though we’ve given consideration to the coffee shop, not the musician, it’s obvious how many functions the service provides. It’s possible to create your own design, add links to any sites, platforms, and messaging apps. Also, it’s possible to share some information, write answers to frequently asked questions, and etc. 

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The bottom line

Taplink is the service that’s useful both for various businesses and creators, including musicians. It helps to increase sales and attract new audience. If necessary, enter pro or bis subscription to the service to use additional options.

You may start for free, and see whether this tool suits you. Use provided functions to make the landing page as unique as possible, create your own design or use ready templates. Do this without any coding skills. Look through free of charge detailed tutorials if you don’t understand something.