The Engine Options in Land Rover Discovery 4 and its Review

The Engine Options in Land Rover Discovery 4 and its Review

An improved SUV from its predecessor is worth considering if buying an SUV

Land Rover Discovery 4 is an SUV ready to impress when on or off the road. The vehicle is tuned to give even better off-roading than the Land Rover Discovery 3. The Land Rover Discovery 3 was already comprehensive and there was little to improve. Still, the company did great in upgrading the vehicle giving its buyers something new to enjoy. The exterior got a new look as well as the interior. There was improved comfort as well as tools to improve functionality.

Not only the exterior but the interior also got upgraded. The materials used inside were improved and the overall environment also. This gave the vehicle a more family-friendly look and feel. The inside now felt posh and smooth. It was perfect for a family. Driving the vehicle was like a dream come true. The vehicle despite being big was easy to drive. The vehicle felt quick and a combination of advanced gadgets with old techniques went very well.

The major changes occurred on the engine side. The engine capacity and with it the power output changed as well. This made the vehicle perform way much better. The diesel engine especially got more refined. The inside seating however kept the same. The interior remained roomy with a decent look. Everything inside became more modern with blending looks.

The functions of the infotainment screen also changed and more was appointed to it. There were fewer dials and the functions also became easier and easy to understand with less congestion on the dashboard. The colors inside changed and there were brighter tones now. This gave the cabin a fresher look, more light, and a roomier impression. You can also pick from a range of colors on offer that permits the buyer to personalize the SUV.

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Engines on offer

Land Rover Discovery 4 has two engines on offer. Each one has its particular uses and is fit for the vehicle. The newer and improved power Land Rover Discovery 4 engines were more capable of performing the difficult tasks ahead especially off-road.

The major change occurred in the diesel engine. The previous engine was of 2.7-liter capacity, now it turned into a 3.0-liter capacity. This engine was more refined, fast, and even better for off-road use.  It also had a better economy. Although the previous engine also had a good fuel economy this new one was even better. The torque also improved along with the output.

This engine gave a power output of 252 hp and 600 Nm torque. The 0-62 mph distance was covered by the car in 8.8 seconds. The timing is superb for a large vehicle like this. The good thing about this engine is that it is going to make the vehicle light. If picked up carefully even in its second-hand form the SUV is going to make your journey memorable.

The second engine on offer which was fitted in the vehicle when first introduced was a 241-hp diesel engine of the same 3.0-liter engine. The power of this engine increased in 2014 and the 252 hp replaced the previous one. There is also a petrol engine offered outside the UK market. This is a 5.0-liter engine with 385 bhp and 520 Nm torque.

For the transmission, there was a six-speed ZF automatic transmission attached to the engine. but the gears were increased afterward and it became an eight-speed gear change.

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What people think about the engine

According to Vogue Technics, who have replaced many Land Rover Discovery 4 engines, there is a mixed plate of what people think about this vehicle. The engine is said to be quick with good and instant responses. The new engine has a new design that reduces fuel consumption when the driver is looking for more power, especially for off-road paths. But the thing that bothers drivers the most is its fuel economy and maintenance price. All these empty your pocket fast. Land Rover is a luxury brand but this one point always cast a negative impact on the buyer.

The biggest problem is when you have to replace the timing chain which is the most expensive part to be replaced in the SUV. Even if not this part, other parts also cause more money than usual to get replaced. The key is to be very careful while purchasing the car. The second thing is that there should be proper maintenance. Still, many people have reported problems in the engine even if they were careful with all these steps.

Discovery has been in the market for the last ten years. This is a lot of time to attend to the issues causing the buyer a fortune. People buy the vehicle due to its amazing off-road ability plus its comfort level. But with no peace of mind how can a buyer be satisfied with the product?

There were certain electrical issues also reported at various times that caused either the engine to misbehave or other related issues to arise.

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How Practical the vehicle is?

There is no doubt that the SUV is very practical in every aspect. The spacious cabin and the tech installed all support this trait. A cabin with good boot space is always a plus when buying for your family. The durability of materials used inside is also very good. But the sad thing is that the Discovery range is not reliable being 22nd on the scale up to 30 is not a good number. The company must have to do something about it or the market is never empty of SUVs these days.

The engines and suspension of the vehicle are also built in such a way so that there is no problem while on different difficult terrains. The advanced technology makes the vehicle even fit to be driven on sand surfaces. The product has abilities no other brand could match till now in the market. You can rely on the equipment and the steering to land on the exact path one needs. The vehicle is not difficult to drive or operate. With capable engines and the right suspension, the size of the vehicle diminishes ad turns small. Just be aware that you should have extra cash to deal with any issue that could arise on the way.