The journeys of beauty: What to know when going abroad for cosmetic surgery

The journeys of beauty: What to know when going abroad for cosmetic surgery

What are the most popular destinations to go to undergo cosmetic surgery? The most popular places to operate to improve your aesthetics. What should you know when going there? Do you know the things to do when you are there? What are the dos and what are don’ts? These are questions that might be coming to your mind if you are deciding to take such a trip. Well not to worry for we are here to answer all these questions and more.

What are the most common cosmetic surgeries?

Among the most requested operations are breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. To these are added a series of less invasive aesthetic interventions: botulinum toxin, the use of hyaluronic acid, laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, fat reduction through non-surgical interventions.

What to know when going abroad for such a procedure?

A large number of people every year organize trips/vacations to go for cosmetic surgery abroad. In most cases, once you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, the main factor driving the search for foreign destinations is the price of the surgery.

Fortunately for the proponents of beauty, this is not the only factor taken into consideration when choosing the country where to go to operate. The selection of the doctor and the foreign facility is usually carried out by evaluating the presence of:

  • reliable doctors with good experience
  • structures suitable for the treatment of each phase of the intervention, including the post-operation
  • possession of all certifications to operate in the field of cosmetic surgery
  • the ability of the cosmetic surgeon who will perform the surgery to speak the English language well
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Why should you know all this?

This is because it is known that undergoing an operation in an inaccurate way, not only can lead to a disappointing result from an aesthetic point of view, but can generate potentially serious health complications. Furthermore, a possible second decisive intervention (when it is possible to carry it out) is more difficult to carry out and certainly involves a greater expense than the previous one.

The post-operation is one of the factors to be evaluated very carefully. There have been numerous cases of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in patients who began their tourist phase a few days after the operation.

Our advice remains to choose one of the many very valid English-speaking cosmetic surgeons if you decide to correct some physical imperfection. Also decide to go for surgery abroad, choosing a hotel near the clinic where the operation takes place is a very wise choice. It is strongly inadvisable to go to the beach or around, or to museums in the first days following the surgery.

What is medical tourism?

The combination of holidays and surgery is an increasingly present choice, and this has given rise to a very specific category defined as ” medical tourism “. This definition embraces various areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery, both of the face and of the body, also ending up with regard to obesity rather than teeth. Also noteworthy is hair transplantation, another intervention that increasingly pushes people to go abroad, where it is carried out at very competitive costs.

What countries are best for cosmetic surgery?

Several countries allow you to undergo cosmetic surgery operations at a low cost.

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Among these, Turkey stands out, which has always managed to offer very competitive prices. Hair transplants and nose job in Turkey are particularly famous. Similarly, Tunisia is starting to be considered a new frontier as far as cosmetic surgery. Other Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Poland, equipped with specialized clinics with good value for money. Among the most popular countries, the Balkan ones also stand out, such as Croatia and Albania.

In addition to the European ones, there are also longer-haul destinations, such as Thailand, Mexico and Brazil.

Why Turkey for Cosmetic Surgery, especially Nose Job ?

Turkey is a country at the forefront in the field of cosmetic surgery; among the top 10 countries in the world for the number of operations performed. In Turkey, you can get an idea of ​​what are the most requested aesthetic interventions; and the quality of the procedure, when they are performed. From nose job in Turkey to breast augmentation and liposuction; you get the best combination of low cost and best quality, compared to any other country.

How to travels abroad for surgery

Anyone who decides to go abroad to undergo a ” low cost ” cosmetic surgery; should normally be a person aged between 18 and 39 years. You can take advantage of promotional packages whose value starts from £ 2,000 upwards.

Medical tourism destinations are usually offered by specialized agencies, capable of offering packages that include transport, accommodation and treatment. From your city you leave by bus or to reach the country where you can undergo the cosmetic surgery. Subsequently, the patient/tourist can enjoy the city in the remaining vacation days, trying to guarantee the relaxation necessary for a person who has nevertheless undergone an operation.