Top 5 best blue light glasses for eyes protection

Top 5 best blue light glasses for eyes protection

If you’re experiencing eye problems and headache lately, blue light glasses are the ideal solution. Staring at the screen, exactly what you are doing right now is an invitation to various eye problems and risk of disease. It might seem an insignificant issue, in the beginning, but the result is severely concerning. 

Why you must get blue light glasses?

Witnessing the global increase in eye problems and sleep deprivation, we don’t have to put a lot in convincing why you need blue light glasses. But, you must know about the damage done by screen use on our eyes. All of your digital devices, such as computers, television, tablets and smartphones emit a high-energy blue light ray.

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These rays when enters the eyes while you start your screen, cause severe changes in the retina. It results in complicated eye problems and discomfort, such as eye-strain, headache, dry-eyes, blurry-vision, red-eye, itchiness and others. If you use the screen to do last-minute work or binge-watch a show, at night, you’ll interrupt your sleeping pattern resulting in insomnia. At night, blue light rays manage to suppress the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. As a result, your brain assumes it’s daylight, making you feel active and alert. To which blue light glasses work as protection. Whether it’s reading glasses or varifocals, a blue light coating is available for every lens type to create a positive impact. 

5 best quality blue light glasses 

1. Specscart X-blu Lenses

A Manchester-based startup that offers high-quality frames and lenses at very affordable prices. Their blue light lenses are known as X-blu lenses, as there is an upgrade from the rest. As each of their lenses are impact-resistant with anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coating for FREE. Known to be extremely impactful against prohibiting blue light rays penetration into the eyes, Specscart’s blue light glasses are also stylish enough to flaunt around. You’ll be proud to wear their stylish yet sustainable eyewear at the workplace, or at home for it’s appealing design. You can get them coated on your varifocals, reading or fashion glasses to ensure maximum protection at all times.

2. Hustle eyewear Blue light lenses

Hustle eyewear primarily sells blue light glasses only for sleep improvement, and elimination of digital fatigue. Their glasses are mostly acetate and metal design with a blue light coating. You can’t get the blue light coating on your prescription glasses at Hustle eyewear, it’s predominantly for those with only blue light protection requirements. The glasses are made high-quality and come with 30 days of free return.

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3. Tom Ford – Blue Square Glasses

If you are into high-end designers brands then Tom Ford new blue square glasses can be matched for you. The blue coating present of their glasses is designed to reduce the blue light exposure. Mostly, crafted into bio-acetate, the frames look elegant, designer and study.

4. Zenni – Blue light Blocking Lenses

Zenni is the next in line competitor of producing high-grade and effective blue light blocking glasses, known as BLOKZ. It’s pretty cheap and easily affordable, considered to be greatly efficient and comfortably designed glasses that block UV rays as well. You can use blue light lenses in both prescription, non-prescription and sunglasses, too.

5. Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct blue light glasses are known BlueReflect, powerful in protecting the eyes from digital blue light rays around us. The BlueReflect lenses are known for reducing glare, enhancing visual comfort and are comfortable to wear. 

Glasses direct blue light comes in a variety of colours and frame design, so you can get them for your readers or for a fashionable look. Greatly useful for gamers, e-readers, and other digital work without disrupting the vision or complicating the state of our vision.