Understanding Loft Conversion or Extension Projects

Understanding Loft Conversion or Extension Projects

Since moving into your house, your family may have grown with the arrival of kids or looking after ageing or sick parents. Also, the available space may not be enough for your needs due to changing lifestyles in the current climate. For example, more people are working from home and this may necessitate having a home office.

One of the best ways to create more space in your house for more people or to have extra facilities or rooms such as an extra bedroom, a study room, or anything else is to carry out either a loft conversion or extension onto the side or rear of your existing home.

Is loft conversion or extension building a viable idea?

Has it crossed your mind that you could do a loft conversion or extension of your house to have more space or create some facilities? You may wonder if converting your loft into a valuable space is worth it in terms of cost and if it will meet your needs.

Here are some reasons to consider a loft conversion or extension:

·   Moving house can be disruptive and it may even be costlier than a loft conversion or extension of the current building. If we take a conservative estimate, it could cost you about £40,000 when you shift from your residence to another in the London area. This figure covers only stamp duty and fees and not any difference in the cost of the new home. You will almost certainly need to incur more costs to make your new house into a space you like and can call home. Moving house also comes with a lot of disruption and a lot of stress.

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·   Loft conversions or extensions increase the value of your home. It makes your house more practical and liveable due to the added space and amenities. Also, if you were to have it valued, the valuation could go up by as much as 20% after an attic conversion or building an extension.

·   You can create a space that matches your preferred style, tastes, and aspirations because you work on improving a house that already ticks most of your boxes. This is better than finding a new home that may not meet your other criteria, even if it is spacious or has the extra facilities you want.

Why work with professionals for a loft conversion or extension project?

If you decide to carry out a loft conversion or extension to your house, you need to hire the best extension architects to get the best work and high-quality end product.

Hiring professional extension architects to handle your loft conversion work offers the following benefits:

·   The best loft conversion architects, such as Humphrey and Sons, offer you creative options and will even give you some ideas you may not have thought about yourself to ensure you optimize the space. They will show you how to best use every square metre of space and even create extra space and facilities that will serve you best. You will get an end result that you feel proud of.

·   Experts in loft conversion and extensions ensure your investment pays off because the project will cost a considerable sum of money. The professionals deliver as per your expectations and even exceed them.

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·   Professionals in loft conversions or extensions help avoid any costly mistakes that could occur during the project’s implementation. They prevent interference with the structural integrity of the building or leaving irreparable damages.

·   The best architects for a loft conversion or extension project help with the planning permission application to ensure your project complies with the relevant laws and regulations.

Wrapping up

When executing loft conversions or extension projects, you need to work with the experts to get extra space and facilities that meet your expectations and fulfil your needs. Hiring professionals also prevents costly mistakes, saves costs, and ensures proper planning permission is secured for the project.

Avijit Ghosh