Want To Develop A Taxi booking App? Here We have Shortlisted Features

Want To Develop A Taxi booking App? Here We have Shortlisted Features

Gig, aka shared economy, has made it possible to access everything at your fingertips. Thanks to a wide scope of the Internet and innovative technologies that have encouraged business owners to revamp their existing business models. Besides, the increasing usage of smartphones and applications solving the tangible needs of modern age people.

Today, the on-demand or shared economy has changed the way we do business and changed the way people interact with the business. Be it food, grocery, fresh produce, traveling, or daily transportation, apps have really proved a boon for tech-savvy and busy people. 

Among all of them, the taxi business has made long progress, digital and advanced technology have changed the entire look of the transportation industry. Along with technology, we should not forget Uber, one of the popular ride-hailing companies across the world, boasted 62 million trips in the previous year and also contributed equally to make the taxi industry more competitive and advanced. 

Technology and people’s preferences keep evolving with time. Transportation and logistics are one of the prime industries investing heavily in smart technologies to make it even more further. 

Reform Your Taxi Business with These Quirky Features

As mentioned earlier, Uber has definitely increased the popularity of online cab bookings, and the online taxi market is also growing across the world right now. People prefer to commute by cabs that can be booked anywhere at their convenience. 

Apps like Ola, Uber, Lyft are experiencing high revenue and fame from this business. After witnessing huge success and their firm feet in the transportation market, many conventional taxi business owners want to experiment with their luck; after all, these apps can earn you million dollars without owning a single car, isn’t it impressive? Well, it is. 

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Everyone in this industry wants to earn the same name by developing an advanced and unique uber taxi app clone but facing a dilemma on how to do that, from where to actually start. 

Several common questions you might face when you are new to the online transport business and want to develop a custom taxi booking application like 

  • How much does it cost to create an app?
  • What common and unique feature app should possess?
  • How much time will it take to build the app?
  • What superlative features can make you stand out in the market? 

Hold on! Before you figure out all these questions and waste your valuable time brainstorming, let’s have a look at some quirky features that will act as a crowd puller and help you achieve a consolidated position in the online taxi booking world. 

As you know already, when you are developing a taxi booking application, you need to take care of three modules that are customer app, the driver app, and the admin app interfaces—the associated feature list for these three modules as follows. 

Passenger App Features

Single Click Login

Allow your customers to login with social media accounts or their contact details such as email and phone number. The easy registration process is very important as it is the first step when your customer interacts with your app. A complicated registration process often disappoints customers. 

Map and Live Location

The tracking and map location feature in the app allows passengers to track the driver’s real-time status. They can also track the live status of the cab and know the estimated time of arrival. 

Multiple Payment Options

Offering multiple payment gateways is very important because customers these days don’t want to carry cash and are often hesitant while making online transactions due to malware. Provide secure and safe payment gateways such as card, net banking, digital wallets, etc., to build brand advocacy.  

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Fare Splitting

This is the must-have feature while developing an online ride-hailing app; this feature allows passengers to split the cost with other riders who want to travel on the same route. Based on their location, they can split charges. 

Review and Ratings

Riders can share their experience based on driver’s behavior, overall service, and other factors in the form of reviews and feedback. 

Above are the mandatory features while you are developing an online taxi booking application. Now let’s have a look at the driver’s app features. 

Driver’s App Features 

New ride request notification

Wherever passengers make a booking request, drivers will get a notification and information related to the rider’s location and pick up- drop details. Based on their availability, drivers can accept or decline requests. 

Ride History and Earning

This feature lets the drivers check all rides that are completed or canceled. Based on the total number of rides completed, they can generate an earning report. 


In the driver’s app, they are offered an in-app messaging and calling facility. This makes communication with passengers much easier and solves location-related doubts quickly. 

Manage Rides

Drivers can get details of each ride booked with pick-up and drop location. It can help them to manage multiple rides at a time. 

Google Map Navigation

As the driver has to reach the customer’s live location, he can track the customer’s location on the map and be navigated to the destination through the map. 

Above all the mandatory features that can make your application stand out from others. Now, let’s go through which features make Admin work easy and enable them to keep an eye on the entire business. 

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Admin Features

Assign Rides

The assigning of the ride is important. With this feature, the Admin can allocate ride requests to drivers—usually, Admin assigns ride requests to drivers near the customer’s location. 

Manage Drivers

Skilled drivers are the core of your transportation business. Admin can add or remove drivers whenever they want. Based on the performance and behavior, the Admin can manage drivers with their details such as license, contact, and payment details. 

Powerful Dashboard

With the help of an interactive dashboard, the Admin can quickly access the rides, drivers, payments, and passengers with a single click. This helps admins to manage their business much more efficiently. 

Parting Thoughts

Overall, your online ride-hailing should be uncluttered and deliver a smooth experience to customers. The features mentioned above are crucial to have in a taxi booking app, apart from that, you can also implement new and advanced features based on your business model and requirement. 

Developing an efficient taxi booking app requires solid planning and strategies to make it a success. Don’t miss any of the above features, or else it will cost you more and might destroy your business before you even start. 

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