We Fight For Animal Rights

We Fight For Animal Rights

Speciesism, a term you have heard a lot but, do you know what it means? Being human beings, we have given ourselves the stature of the most able species. At the top of the food chain, we look down at other species and think of them as lesser beings. We think of animals as tools to fulfill our needs, satisfy our taste palettes and complete our décor. The idea of human animals having a much greater value and rights than non-human animals is consuming our society. We have become immune to the fact that animals, just like us, have a soul, a heart, feelings, and emotions that live in their bodies. They experience pain just as we do, they require food just as we do and they need love just as we do. So why is it that humans have started considering themselves above all other animals in the hierarchy of life! Do animals not have rights? Will no one stand for them?

Animal Rights and Their Importance: Before we begin with the rights of animals, I would like to spread the word of the importance of animal rights and veganism. Their importance on the planet to sustain the environment, for other animals, for plants, and for human beings. A balanced process of extinction is a part of the natural ecosystem that our planet survives upon. But when humans start intervening with the natural process, disaster strikes.

In the last five centuries at least 900 species of animals have gone extinct. While we sit back and enjoy our meat, our warm furs, and so-called decors made from animal heads, the natural flow of life is disturbed and is being disrupted more and more every second. The presence of animals in their natural count and balance is irreplaceable, for a sustainable environment. It is essential to support the activity network if our ecosystem is to survive and preserve its functioning.

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Saving Animals with Black Glove: Amongst this ignorance and chaos that we have brought upon ourselves, a group of enthusiastic animal lovers decided to take a stand. We are Black Glove. Our goal is simple, fight for animal rights and spread awareness. Over the decades we have done enough damage to animals and ultimately our environment and planet. Join us on this journey, where we take over the clothing industry with the finest fabric, but we will use it to spread the message.

Our main focus remains to eradicate speciesism and put a stop to this animal holocaust. We are introducing the market with animal rights message clothinga whole new way to express our movement and be a supporter anywhere and everywhere through no additional effort but an everyday chore, wearing clothes! Cloths that are 100% vegan, in their materiality, manufacturing, printing, and shipping. We have created a network between vegan companies in these major industries to support the cause. We are taking this business international and are proud to welcome some of the most influential names in animal rights activist organizations on the platform with us. Every member counts, every voice has an impact. Join us and let’s get loud!