Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation

Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation

Electric vehicles (EVS) have an important role to play in meeting air quality legislation and the UK’s commitment to climate change targets. For these reasons, the UK government is actively supporting the switch to electric vehicles.

The UK network of filling stations has an existing distribution of locations across the UK.

Many filling station operators are looking to offer EV charging facilities alongside the other available vehicle fuels.

The Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) has identified, through some of its members and technical officers, that there are unique electrical safety issues that must be addressed by those involved in the design, construction, modification and maintenance activities where EV charging facilities are considered for filling stations that have not previously been considered, identified or addressed in existing publications.

This supplementary document to the lET’s Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (4th edition) you can find and download at PDF bookstore as a PDF book.

It covers the safe use by the public of the EV charging equipment (termed ‘electric vehicle supply equipment’ (EVSE)) and the safety of persons working on the filling station, as well as the continued safe storage and dispensing of existing vehicle fuels found on the filling station.

The information contained in this publication is not intended to be prescriptive, nor to preclude the use of new developments, innovative solutions or alternative designs, materials, methods and procedures, so long as such alternatives are able to provide at least an equivalent level of control over the identified safety, electrical and health hazards as that provided by this Supplement, and in doing so, achieve compliance with any relevant legislation.

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