Don’t Want To Get Stuck In A Traffic Jam- Here’s Our Solution!: Electric Scooter

Don’t Want To Get Stuck In A Traffic Jam- Here’s Our Solution!: Electric Scooter

In this modern area, especially in the urban areas, traffic jam is a serious issue. You have to transport one place to another place due to your necessity so that you can’t avoid it. Traffic jam kills your valuable time & also disrupts doing your work timely.

Are you depressed about the problem & mentally sick? So, what’s the possible way to get rid of this problem? No worries, here is our solution. An Inokim scooter or electric bike can be the possible solution. A scooter or electric bike will give you a more exciting ride & a great way to avoid traffic jams.

So, guys, if you want the solution, stick with this article to know more.

Benefits of A Scooter & Electric Bike Over A Car Ride: Awesome!

The benefits of a scooter and electric bike are various. Thus, it is pretty impossible to discuss them all in one article. Inokim electric scooter can solve your problem.

Beneficial For the students & working people

The traffic jam is an excellent problem for the students & working people. Nowadays, the problem is increasing day by day. So, the solution is a must need.

The students have to wake up too early to go to school to reach the bus stand in time & school. But, if they fall into a traffic jam, they can not arrive in time. Moreover, if you use a school van or bus, the situation is the same.

The working people also face this problem. It’s pretty challenging to reach the workplace when riding a car or bus to avoid traffic jams.

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You can easily pass through the traffic jam using a scooter and an electric bike as it is small in size & save your precious time. Inokim electric serves very well.

Reduce Traffic Jam

When more people use e-scooter over a car ride, it will automatically reduce traffic jams. It is easy to pass the busy roads smoothly using an E-scooter, and it will relieve tension, stress & health problems. You can easily travel wherever you want to ride an E-scooter.

If you are worried about its safety, honestly, you are wasting your time thinking about it. Because it will give you a safer ride because of its excellent traction quality without any doubt, follow the riding rules.

Folding Electric Scooter

Inokim electric scooters have innovative designs. A scooter and electric bike have the excellent folding capacity, but a car doesn’t have. As a result, you can carry it with you wherever you want.

Moreover, you don’t need to think about its parking. As it is foldable, you can carry it with you into your campus, into a building, or even into a train or car. Thus you can avoid traffic jams. Indeed, you will not get the facility while using a vehicle.

Quick Electric Scooter

Inokim Electric scooter is so speedy. You can reach your destination quickly using it because it contains a powerful motor with a high speed of up to 50 km/h(31 mph) or more. Moreover, you can easily avoid traffic jams which save you valuable time.

The average speed range is 15 mph(24 km/h) for children, 18-20 mph for teenagers(15-16). Electric scooters for adults are also safe, and they can ride an average of up to 20-25 mph, or the maximum range is 28-30 mph—no need to wait for splitting traffic jams.

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One of the most significant advantages of a scooter or an electric bike is that it allows you to ride in narrow areas using shortcuts while a car can not.

Why A Scooter & Electric Bike Are A Solution of Traffic Jams?

  • Electric scooters are cost-effective. Most of the family can carry the cost
  • Long-lasting for almost five to ten years.
  • No need to worry about parking, no insurance & road tax
  • Eco-friendly as no carbon emissions occur
  • Easy to maintain & handle both for adults & kids, so light-weight
  • No need for registration and a license
  • Provide a safer journey on the road for students & workers
  • Save one hour of traveling time every weekday both for students & workers
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • Besides, it takes only $20 per year for recharging purpose
  • Tire replacement cost is $70 for every two years
  • It provides a healthy environment which is essential for maintaining a sound health
  • The students can go anyplace after school time for visiting

Final Thoughts

Day by day, the use of a scooter and electric bikes is increasing, and it has a good impact on us. People of all countries are supporting Electric bikes and scooters more and more. We all should reduce the use of cars or other vehicles for the sake of our environment. Moreover, we can use a scooter or electric bike to utilize our time correctly. So why late?. Buy a scooter or electric bike & get rid of traffic jams.