Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Having renowned parents may make you wish to remain anonymous. This is true of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton. She is the famous Vince Neil’s daughter. Although she works in the entertainment world, nothing is known about her. But we can’t leave things like this alone, so we delve a little further to find out all we can about Vince’s daughter.

As previously said, she is most known as the daughter of Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil. Being the daughter of a renowned musician compelled her to follow in her father’s footsteps. We’ll be writing about Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s personal, career, and romantic lives in this section.


Ashley Wharton was born on October 29, 1983 in the United States of America. She had been in the limelight from her birth since she was the daughter of a famous singer. Yet, when the lady died away, she made certain that not too much about her life was divulged. Elizabeth is Vince’s daughter from his first marriage to Beth Lynn. In 1981, the couple married. As previously said, they had a daughter in 1983, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly for the pair.

Yet the good times didn’t last long. Elizabeth’s parents split when she was just two years old. This occurred in 1986, barely four years into their marriage. Neil didn’t stay alone for long, although he did become involved in other partnerships and marital groups. Ashley Wharton has two siblings, Skylar Lynnae Neil and Neil Jason Wharton, as a result of this. Last but not least, she is born under the sign of Scorpio.

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Private Life

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton prefers to keep her personal life private. Her father’s social media postings are the only information we have. Ell, as she is known, quit using the Instagram site in 2015. The reasons are unclear, since we expected her to be more active when she married.

She married her fiancé Will in 2014, which we would not have known if it hadn’t been for her father, Vince Neil, who released images of the event on social media. Elle was a beautiful bride, and the moment her father escorted her down the aisle was gorgeous and poignant. Will and Elizabeth have one daughter, Hailee Marie. Her birthday is January 13th, 2015. Vince Neil also posted about the occasion on his Instagram account. Unlike his daughter, Vince is a great lover of social media and never misses an opportunity to tell us about his personal life.

Tattoos of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Apart from her musical skill, Elizabeth inherited her father’s passion of tattoos. Elle is no stranger to body art. Her father enjoys performing this sort of body art. Motley Crue fans are well aware that their favourite singer has tattoos all over his body, including tattoos on his chest, neck, and sleeve.

Although Ashley Wharton admires her father, she did not overdo it with her tattoos. She covered one of her hands with a sleeve tattoo. It encircles her whole left hand, from the wrist to the shoulder. It has a variety of forms, some of which resemble flowers, most likely roses.

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Elizabeth’s Profession

Her job, like everything else, is shrouded in mystery. She dabbled with music, which was to be anticipated given her father’s background. Elle experimented with singing and bass playing. According to accounts, she visited the United States on multiple times, both as a headliner and as a guest, however there aren’t many films corroborating this.

If you look at her Instagram, you’ll see that she has photographs of herself on stage singing and carrying a bass guitar, but she hasn’t released a single official song. We tried Google, scouring obscure parts of the Internet, and browsing YouTube, but there is no video or audio of her songs.

Clearly, Ashley Wharton did not achieve the fame of her father. With his band, Vince Neil sold over 100 million records worldwide. This was not written in the stars for Elizabeth, but we’re sure she’s not too concerned.

Wharton, Elizabeth Ashley monetary value

Ell, as previously stated, is the daughter of legendary musician Vince Neil and Beth Lynn. Given her parents’ backgrounds, you’d think she’d acquired significant riches. We can only talk about it since we don’t have any proof to back up our allegations.

Beth, her mother, is an entrepreneur. Her net worth is reported to be in the $100,000 range. Vince is, of course, the wealthier father. The guy has had an almost forty-year career. At this period, he sold a lot of singles and albums and played a lot of live shows with his bands and by himself. Although he was careless with his money throughout his life, particularly in his early years, there is still enough remaining.

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According to net worth aggregate, the legendary rock star’s net worth is believed to be $50 million. This is a substantial sum of money, and he will have enough to share with his children. Although there is no information about Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s net worth since she is secretive in all aspects of her life, it is expected that she would inherit a large portion of her father’s riches. Her net worth is currently unknown, but given that she has a family and that money will be flowing to her from her father, we can assume that she has at least a couple of millions at her disposal.


It was difficult to obtain this information on Elizabeth Ashley Wharton since she is a strange gall. This is all the more reason to stay tuned as we update this story with additional information when it becomes available. We’re confident we’ll have lots of opportunities for someone who has been off the grid for so long. In any case, we hope you liked learning about Vince Neil’s daughter and her personal life.

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