How do you deal with the death of a loved one in Islam?

How do you deal with the death of a loved one in Islam?

It is a fact that life is a temporary thing and the most significant sign of this is the loss we experience during our lives. It’s a sign that Allah is sending to humankind to help people to understand that in the future, their death will also come.

All souls will experience death

While we are aware that the feeling of loss will occur, it’s the nature of humans. If you don’t believe in the existence of an afterlife, the loss could be more difficult. Muslims are aware that the separation from loved ones is only temporary, as they will be reunited in the afterlife. But even with this knowledge, it is acceptable to grieve, as you want, as long as it is done in the way Allah along with his Messenger (pbuh) advised us to. We should look at and study the Quran as well as the sunnah to find out how to deal with loss, and how we can maximize the impact of it in our current world.

Pray this dua when any muslim passed away inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un Translation ( Indeed, from Allah we came, and toward Him will we return).

Relying on Allah’s decree

Tragic events such as the death of a loved ones can be interpreted as an opportunity to test yourself. It is crucial to realize that Allah has the final say and this death was on the direction of Allah. As an example, the tale of Surah Kahf relays the loss of a child who was born into an upright family.

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Keep in mind it is Allah has the power to determines what happens to anything. This will give peace of mind in the event of the loss happens.

Things to do for loved one after death

Prior to on the Day of Judgement, humans who have passed away will remain in a region called the Barzakh. The dead can’t make any changes regarding improving their standing on Judgement Day. It’s not all lost, however because those who are still alive are able to do many acts of kindness to assist their loved ones as well as all Muslims who are gone.


A very effective acts one as a Muslim can perform is to make the dua (supplication). You can make supplications to request Allah to forgive us for our loved ones who have passed and also to alleviate the burdens they may be facing in the grave. There are a variety of dua for parents which the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) performed to honor the parents & dead. Here are a few of the most famous:

1. O Allah Hear from him, and show mercy to him. 

2. Give him strength and forgiveness. 

3. Give him your blessings and allow his entrance to be broad and clean him with water, snow and hail.

4.  Eliminate his sins like a white cloth cleanse of staining. 

5. Provide him with a home that is better than the one he has at home, as well as one that is more wholesome than his family, and an equally good wife as his wife. 

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Celebrating the memory of their Family and Friends

While one might have lost an individual dearly loved by them the person may be closer to others and certainly there are others grieving simultaneously. It’s a wonderful act to look after those relationships that the person who died could have nurtured. Visit the relatives of their loved ones and pray for them. 

Expression of Sorrow

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one knows the pain that comes with it. While grieving is okay but it is crucial to remember that Allah has set boundaries regarding how to react. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) provides the explanation with the following Hadith

Let your tears flow, but stay clear of the cry that comes from the Devil. Anything that comes out of the eyes and hearts is the work of Allah and is an act of mercy and anything that comes out of the mouth and hand is from the Devil. Ibn Hanbal, Ahmad 1995) Hadith 2127]

A Reminder to Remember Our self

The loss of a loved one can be an opportunity to remind people who are alive today. Being aware of and accepting death is among the most effective ways to appreciate life because one is aware that the time for them could be coming sooner rather than later. The thought of death can cause people to take on more work and reflect on their life. 

Did I do enough? What can I do better? There are many stories about people suffering from an illness that is terminal. The doctor has informed them that their time in the world will be over shortly. A lot of them spend their final days without worrying about the objects of this world, but instead re-establishing relationships and trying to live an authentic life in the limited time they’ve left. 

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A loss to a dear person is naturally an awful thing however, do not focus on the loss itself, but also how it happened. The soul is returning to Allah and getting ready for an examination of the grave. Allah the All-Knowing took the soul for a reason that includes to remind the people who have suffered from the loss of their return. Make use of it as a reason to seek forgiveness for someone you love as well as to increase your doing good deeds, and to think about the life that you’ve led. Let Allah provide us with a final death worthy of His service! Ameen.

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