Gallowsfiction Top Tier Providence, Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23

Gallowsfiction Top Tier Providence, Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23

Fabulous fiction Chapter 23 innovation receipt suggest-p3: Top Tier Providence, secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23

Chapter 23: Grateful weak

The six homes were also covered!
Daoist Jingxu received them from Classic Immortal Daoist Thunder, who then continued to leave.

This young person did succeed in rising to the top few.
They were all in awe.

Mo Fuchou has arrived to see, Brother Han. Mo Fuchou yelled while clenching his fists.

This young person really made it to the top three.
He had obtained the Glowing Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe, therefore he wasn’t really terrified of any threat.
Daoist Jingxu started off by describing the three cave homes.

His whole Heart Qi had already reached the cornerstone Store realm’s ninth volume. He would be able to reach the Glowing Central kingdom as long as he brought them to the pinnacle of brilliance.
Han Jue gave a satisfied nod. The handwriting in that portion was excellent. His electrical prowess and the strength of his sword Qi were made clear by the cerebral vascular accidents.

Han Jue thought his whole aura had transformed the moment he put on the Numinous Treasure.

The child…

The three homes were situated along a mountain range’s edge. Looking closer, Han Jue surmised that this was really a map of the Jade Real Sect.

Before Han Jue’s eyes, around three face lines of words and sentences appeared.

I’m sorry, Han Jue said with righteousness, “I’m not interested in fame or a lot of money. I wish to gently grow. I will certainly sacrifice my whole life protecting the Jade Genuine Sect if it ever finds itself in difficulty. I don’t want to leave the sect right now, however!
He could use the divine advantages of the Six Trails of Reincarnation after he reached the Golden Main realm.

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The two most important of them entered right away.

He made a check.

Han Jue said, “I’m disappointed since I found the third area, although I was originally excited to come to Primary Optimum. Never was it told to me to steer clear of the top three, become an expert in Jade Tranquil Top is something I haven’t had for too long. Grasp said it was acceptable for me to become her special disciple as long as I tried my best.
Having worn the Mystic Divine Robe of the Golden Cicada, he was unafraid of any danger.
“What delivers you in this article?” Han Jue said as soon as his eyes opened.

This young person has really managed to rank among the top few.

I’m disappointed that I placed third, but I’m excited to make it to the Most Important Optimum Point for the first time, Han Jue retorted. I was never told to avoid the top few by learning. Jade Calm Peak hasn’t been my experience for too long. When I became her personal pupil, the Expert told me that as long as I give it my all, it would be good.

Mo Fuchou was aware of it prior to it happening.

2 Han Jue gave a satisfied nod. It came out well as a calligraphic element. The movements revealed his prowess and the strength of his sword Qi.

He put on the Daoist robe of the Jade 100% pure Sect over it after first changing out of the Fantastic Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe.
It was situated in a forest. The large pigeon created an atmosphere within the retaining wall by flying head-on into the rock walls. Nature Qi was changing, and it was obvious that something created was at the front.

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Could it be that Han Jue was previously tormented by Elder Iron?

Your second was comparatively rich in water, fire, and wood Mindset Qi.

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