How Much Is a Water Softener & Are They Worth It?

How Much Is a Water Softener & Are They Worth It?

Hard water and limescale can really wreak havoc in your home. From stained surfaces and clogged taps, to block pipes and broken boilers – the price to pay can be high. Hard water affects many areas in the UK and unfortunately you can’t choose where your water comes from. However, investing in a home water softener is a permanent solution and way to soften your mains water supply. But the question is – how much should you be paying and are they worth it?

What Does a Water Softener Do & How Does It Work?

A water softener is a home filtration system that is used to remove hard minerals from an incoming mains water supply. As water passes through the softener’s internal resin, hard ions such as calcium and magnesium are removed via ion exchange and reverse osmosis. The system itself is usually fitted underneath the kitchen sink and is generally very low maintenance. All it requires is a steady supply of salt, which creates a brine solution to automatically regenerate the tank and clean itself!

The Best Brands to Buy

There are many different types of softeners available, including electric, non-electric, single tank and twin tank. When it comes to choosing the best – look out for a non-electric and twin tank design.

Selecting the best brand is easy and there are two main dominators of the industry: Harvey and Kinetico. These brands are the best you can buy, their systems not only deliver an unrivalled quality, but they can also last anything between 10-20 years. Not only that, but their products are sold as part of an exclusive dealership in the UK. That means only certain companies can sell and distribute these brands, so they are extremely hard to come by online.

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You can shop Harvey & Kinetico Water Softeners Here at

How Much Is a Water Softener?

Softeners can range from £650 – £2000, depending on the make, model and size. You get what you pay for in most cases – so going for a cheap option is not recommended. The most popular and best reviewed models are the Harvey TwinTec S4 and Kinetico Premier Compact. These systems are designed with quality in mind, meaning they’ll last years protecting your home from limescale – saving you time and money in the long run.

Harvey Water Softener Price

Harvey is the UK’s top brand and the best model for a standard family home, is the Harvey TwinTec S4. This softener’s price can range between £1299.99 – £1500. You can find it online for £1199.99.

Kinetico Water Softener Price

Kinetico originated in the USA and is taking the UK by storm. The best and latest model is the Kinetico Premier Compact. This product is almost impossible to find online, but can be found at North East Water Softeners online.

Take Home Message

If you are looking to buy a water softener, it should be seen as a home investment. You often get what you pay for – and low cost products generally deliver a low quality and short lifespan. By investing in the best brands, such as Kinetico or Harvey, your investment should last a long time. Not only that, but by saving you money on energy bills, washing powders, cleaning products and damages in the home – a softener system can pay for itself in a matter of years. Moreover, you’ll keep your kitchen and bathroom looking brand new for years to come!