How to Monitor Your Employees Activities during Working Hours

How to Monitor Your Employees Activities during Working Hours

‘Employees’ is the most vital entity of an organization that contributes towards the success and failure of an organization. The employees play the primary part in the progress of an organization. 

The productivity of employees is becoming a point of concern for their employers as it is observed that some employees indulge in unproductive activities like video and music streaming during working hours. A few employees stay in connection with their friends and family, which ultimately affects the company’s progress. 

Moreover, the increase in reported cases of allegations of harassment by female employees urges employers to take a step at monitoring employees at the workplace. For this purpose, employers need to use an efficient spy app that can serve the purpose.

Plenty of services are available in the marketplace that claim to track employee activities, but most of them offer no real deal. After conducting an extensive assessment, we came to know about TheOneSpy, which is an efficient spy service. The spy app started offering services in 2011 and efficiently serving its customers since its inception.

Employee monitoring App is compatible to be installed on Android and iPhone devices of the employees. The devices can be monitored for each and every bit of communication taking place through them. 

The employees’ movement can be tracked in real-time through a location tracking service. The app does all this without any hint to the target user because if the employee gets to know of the monitoring activity, the idea may be spoiled. Let’s have a look at the offerings of TheOneSpy.

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Best Employee Monitoring App

Social Media Apps Monitoring

Most of the employees frequently use social media during working hours; employers look to address this issue; the solution to the problem is TheOneSpy. The app allows tracking all the communication done through Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

All the chats and multimedia can be monitored to know the intentions of employees towards the business. The multimedia can be stalked to know if there is any confidential document in there, which accounts for breach of business interests or secrets. 

All the incoming and outgoing VoIP and video calls can be monitored in real-time. Spy App allows listening to these calls in real-time when they are made. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference. 

Geo-fencing the Movement of Employee

The geo-fencing feature allows restricting the movement of an employee to certain premises; the employer can mark allowed and restricted zones to visit by the employee; this can be done to prevent employee sharing deep side company secrets with the competitors, which can cost the business in future. 

Location Tracking

The location tracking can be done using TOS app. The app can track each and every movement of the target user; the movement also gets recorded in the form of a log, which can be viewed at any point of time. 

This feature adds to the security of the employee as well, as if the employee has lost connection to the family or the workplace and not getting connected, the location tracking feature can be used to identify the real-time location of the employee. This way, the employee can be protected from getting trapped by the criminals, from getting kidnapped or other criminal offenses. 

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Monitoring Internal Storage 

All the internal storage can be stalked by the end-user. The images, videos, contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser functions can be monitored by the employer.

This can be handy in finding the pattern of employee activities during the working hours; the employer can know the activities what employee perform during the working hours and can take necessary actions. 

Website Blocking

The website blocking feature allows the employer to block specific websites, which affects employee productivity. The blocked websites will not be allowed to visit from the target phone. 


The keylogger feature allows identifying the password of all the installed apps through the keystrokes. The keystrokes are analyzed while the password field is active. The feature can be used to know the whereabouts of communication of the employee, if the employee is looking to damage the business interest, it can be taken up by the employer to take necessary actions. 

Phone Call Recording and Listening 

All the phone calls, incoming and outgoing, can be listened to in real-time. The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later monitoring. 


A comprehensive review of TheOneSpy employee monitoring flair is conducted; it is seen that the app serves all the concerns and needs of the employers, tracks location, blocks unproductive websites, identifies passwords, monitors social media communication, and allows to listen to and record all the phone calls. The served functionality can be handy in addressing the concerns of the employers by all means.