Kim Soo Hyun Officially Joins as Y.O.U Beauty Brand Ambassador

Kim Soo Hyun Officially Joins as Y.O.U Beauty Brand Ambassador

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] 1 Jun 2022 – Y.O.U Beauty officially announced its collaboration with Kim Soo Hyun, a famous South Korean actor as the newest Y.O.U Beauty Brand Ambassador as of June 1, 2022.

Kim Soo Hyun himself is currently known for his expertise in acting in various series and films ranging from My Love From The Star, It’s Okay to Not be Okay and other highly acclaimed film and television works. The excellent acting skills help him once again won the Daesang (or “Grand Prize”) at the 5th Asia Artist Awards in the television category.

At an awards show in 2012, a rather nervous but determined Kim Soo Hyun stood on the stage and told the audience, “I promise you all, in ten years, you’ll see me as a good actor.” And now in 2022, as one of the best actor in Korea, he surely fulfil his promise well.

Becoming a successful actor depends on his long-term efforts, which shares the same philosophy with Y.O.U Beauty as our slogan is Long-lasting Beauty. We believe Kim Soo Hyun can inspire the public to chase their dreams and be confident.

Y.O.U’s commitment to become a leading beauty brand is getting more and more unanimous with its various breakthroughs in the beauty industry which are increasingly tightening competition in the beauty business. Read more Asia Influencer Marketing

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About Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty is a global beauty brand from HEBE Beauty Group.

Upholding the philosophy of 1+1>2, Y.O.U combines the sophistication of science and technology with the goodness of nature which produces a product that is more than a temporary solution but guarantees it with a quality that can be felt the benefits for a longer time supported by its famous slogan “Long Lasting Beauty”.

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Prioritizing selected materials, easy to use, attractive designs and customer-oriented, Y.O.U is committed to offering competitive products in terms of quality and price.

Having a vision to bring long lasting beauty all over the world, Y.O.U is increasingly expanding its business lines with increasingly varied product categories ranging from decorative, skin care to body care.

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