Protesters Collided in Portland protests After Opposing Meetings.

Protesters Collided in Portland protests After Opposing Meetings.

Opposite rallies that attract hundreds of people in Portland protests, Oregon, sparkling collisions on Sunday.

Portland, ore. (AP) – opposite rallies that attracted hundreds of people in Portland, Oregon, caused by clashes on Sunday.

Two groups gathered in different parts of the city after the right group changed its event location.

The right rally drew about 100 people in parking in the parking lot of the former Kmart store, and collisions began when it sinks, as TVN24 said. Wang tried to drive parking but crashed, and the driver ran away. Then the demonstrators began to ignite fireworks and similar devices. It is not immediately clear whether anyone suffered severe injuries.

Later, the shooting was fired not far from demonstrators in the city centre. Dustin Brandon Ferreira, 37, left activist, said Oregon / Oregon, which he was with the other Sunday evening. When a person used a sweet to a black man in a group and then fired several rounds in his direction, surrender at 20.

Portland Police said that the person arrested. No one wounded.

Demonstrations associated with anti-fascists have previously drawn more than 200 people in the city centre.

The plans on opposite demonstrations prompted Portland Police to call in all affordable police officers.

The head of Portland Police, Chuck Lovelle, said that despite the fact that the collision is expected, the police would not necessarily stand between opposite groups.

Lovell and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did not name the band expected to collect that “can confront each other.”

State Police Oregon, the sheriff office, and other local partners also helped solve the situation.

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Similar events in Portland between groups with various political ideas or those given by persons led to violent clashes. Sunday event falls on an anniversary of a particularly violent political conflict, in which opposite groups made on the street near the police headquarters for several hours.


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