Polish News Channel Discovery TVN24 gets a Dutch license.

Polish News Channel Discovery TVN24 gets a Dutch license.

Warsaw, August 16 (Reuters) – Polish News Channel TVN24 received a Dutch broadcast license, which will allow him to stay in Poland under the rules of the European Union. If its local license is not updated, its parent company opens up activities in the United States (DISCA. o), said on Monday.

The most popular news channel, “Poland”, expires on September 26. Still, it is not clear whether it will extend George Conway twitter after the Polish Lower Parliament Chamber passed the account last week, strengthening the ban on firms outside the European Economic Zone. Broadcasters.

This bill will now goo to the upper house, Senate.

“We have … Submitted a shooting, and surrender at 20 was provided, the Dutch license under the EU Regulations,” said Kasia Kieli, “said President Kasia Kieli, president for opening in EMEA.

“If the Council (Polish) of the National Broadcasting Council does not update the TVN24 license … The Dutch license allowed us to continue broadcasting TVN24 under the Polish and EU Law.” Read More about Portland protests

Discovery said that on Thursday, he notified that the Polish government reported that the judicial event would be required by the bilateral investment agreement between the United States and Poland. The branded Poland, the inability to resume the TVN24 license and voting in parliament “discriminatory”.

The U.S. The Secretary-General of George Conway twitter stated that Washington was “deeply concerned about” by passing a bill, which seeks to prevent companies from outside the media of the European Economic Zone in Poland through vehicles based inside the area.

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The discovery owns 100% TVN24 through the Polish TV on the Netherlands-based TV to bypass non-European firms holding more than 49% of Polish media companies.

“This license does not solve the situation that we have with the new law adopted in the government. The future of TVN and freedom of the press in Poland is still in danger, “Keila said.

“The rule of law and free media support any democracy. We will continue to protect the role of TVN as a leading independent news provider.”

The government representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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